pronoun : she/elle Feel free to ask whatever you want (unless it's offensive) !

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I will answer all questions, apart from P=NP.

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Flufyf asked over 3 years ago · 6 Answers

What would be your favorite mix of two universes (books, films, animes... whatever) ?

Flufyf asked almost 4 years ago · 12 Answers

Si tu étais un oiseau, tu serais quoi ? ^v^

Flufyf asked about 4 years ago · 17 Answers

What do you listen to when you want something calm ?

Flufyf asked over 4 years ago · 13 Answers

Etant donné que l'âge d'or des jeux vidéos c'étaient les jeux flashs, c'est lequel ton jeu flash préféré ?

Flufyf asked over 4 years ago · 10 Answers

Les signes astrologiques, c'est breton ?