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A Curious Flamingo asked 11 months ago

Hi, I'm not sure if this has been asked before but: I am using the sideblock CSS with the tidy (grid) HTML and images don't seem to show up unless I use the tidy CSS. I've tried multiple different CSS but it seems that images on the tidy HTMLs only seem to show up with tidy CSS... I was wondering if the tidy HTMLs were exclusive to the CSS they're paired with? Other HTMLs work fine with the sideblock CSS on all my other characters not sure what's happening :(

html for bundles are meant to only work with their paired CSS; this is stated directly in my rules. any HTML that works by mixing and matching is by chance

A Curious Flamingo asked 12 months ago

Hey! This is a bit silly, but I was wondering what you use to test out your codes! Do you simply put the code privately on toyhouse and get started that way, or do you use a website? Thanks!

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

do you do code commissions?

everyone once in a great while, when i do i make bulletins for it. it is very rare tho, i don't have much time for customs

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

When I use the Tug html Margin the avatar always shows in a slightly squished circle. When I inspected the page it said it was displaying at 210px x 200px even though I made sure to use a perfectly square image. When I scaled the image down to exactly 200px x 200px like the notes in the code say, it still does this. This also happens when I look at the live preview of Margin on your page. Is my computer screen somehow weird or is there an overall issue with the code?

it was a typo in the css, i've fixed it! if you resave the page it will pick up the css change

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Hello Hi I bought your code long time ago in that time you use user name lowkeywicked it cose 10$ as I remember
and I lost that file , so is it okay to ask you to send that one again or do you have how to find that file source again?

if it not so that okay too!

depends where you bought it. if it was gumroad, itchio or kofi it will be in your purchase history. if it was so long ago it was sent via google docs i don’t have any of those anymore

A Curious Flamingo asked 12 months ago

In the Tidy bundle, is there a way to change the sidebar to be a solid color instead of semi-transparent?

by default it will be slightly transparent, you’d need to write custom css to change this

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Hello! I downloaded one of the freebie user ones ( more specifically this one!) And ive been trying to figure out how to upload the pictures ^^" im having a rough time trying to figure it out since ive never done anykind of coding before. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!!💜💜

my ask box isn’t for general coding questions, id suggest asking on the forums or trying the coding discord

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Hi so like i purchase your 'Blank' Html. Do u know the code that i can use to change the background for it ? Also do u happen to have any folder codes that works well with your html?

as stated in blanks details, the layout only has dark/light mode, it is not built for a custom backgrounds. you’re free to edit it however you like but as stated in my rules, the buyer is responsible for all edits they wish to make. & i don’t have any folder codes for blank, i have a few freebie ones but you’d probably need to edit them a bit to work well it with

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

(CSS question)
Do you know how to remove that little divider on character profiles that says "profile" and then has a little line?? :'D I've been trying for three days straight now and I can't find anywhere that says how.

my ask box is for my shop/my templates and the occasional personal question, it is not a css helpline. for general coding questions i'd suggest trying the forums or the toyhouse coding server on discord

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

for premium layouts are we able to remove the letter spacing animation that plays when we hover over text, for example this code does it I just personally dont really like it so id like to know I can remove it before purchasing ^^

for that you'd have to write custom css to modify the layout; i don't think it's too hard of an edit to make but would just depend on how comfortable you are with CSS

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

Don’t know if this is an appropriate question to ask, but I’m trying to restore my ToyHouse Account so I can store my characters, I tried emailing Toy House Support, but they never got back.

Is there anything I could do?
If not, I understand.

Happy Holidays! ^^

I'm not a toyhouse mod or staff... just a random user that makes HTML templates. You'd need to submit a helpdesk ticket to toyhouse for site questions

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

in the example for the character card html in the basics bundle, how did you make the content section background transparent instead of a solid color? i can't figure it out myself

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 year ago

if i purchased a bundle from you, and then later moved th accounts, am i still able to use these codes or would i have to purchase them again?

yah, changing your username does not void out ownership! all purchases are tied to a purchase e-mail should i ever need to verify ownership of something

A Curious Flamingo asked over 1 year ago

for premium layouts (user) my username is usually always too long and it flows over, I have only used the freebie layouts for now but am interested in getting a paid one, however I wanted to ask before hand if in the paid ones we are able to edit the text font and size (or at least the size) so I can make my username smaller so it fits?

i've had a few users have this issue over the years; there's no setting for it but it can be done with a simple line of extra CSS. if you buy a premium layout and your username is too long/it needs a smaller font size PM me on toyhouse and I'll give you the code to edit it! (it can vary slightly between layouts and how long your name is)

A Curious Flamingo asked over 1 year ago

Do you ever plan to expand the Witch bundle to include user html or make a new bundle with a similar style? I really love how the sidebar looks. I understand if not!

i would like to expand my witch bundle someday; idk when i will have time but it is on my to-do list

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