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A Curious Flamingo asked 6 days ago

Hi! The link for the pictures for codes can’t work; what should I do and what format should the link to the pictures be in?

you just paste the image url where ever the instructions says (it says like URL_HERE or IMG_HERE or IMG_URL here, something along those lines), that's it. there is no special format, if it's not working you're either not providing a valid image URL or didn't turn your WYSIWYG off as specified in my rules

A Curious Flamingo asked 13 days ago

What is your favorite part about coding?

Interesting question! I like seeing the finished product LOL

In terms of toyhouse, I enjoy designing the layout and seeing the layout when it's done and filled with pictures and info. It's neat to make things! My actual job is mostly backend work (I write the front end too, but it's for a boring business and the layout designs are very simple/dull LOL) so it's fun on toyhouse to make things that show off my little anime art and OCs

In terms of my actual job, it's really neat to see something in production that like... real humans are using and know I made that LOL just kind of blows my mind I smashed around on my keyboard [...]

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A Curious Flamingo asked 28 days ago

Hey there! Sorry for the bother ;v;/ I recently got one of your codes, but I was wondering if is there a way I can change the background instead of white, and make it a dark layout?

if the layout is css or HTML with custom colors, then yes, you just change the body and font colors to be whatever you want. if it's a theme colored HTML, then it's still possible but you'd need to write custom code yourself to change the colors.

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

I'm using your CSS code from the Tidy Bundle and I wanted to change the $bg_pattern to instead stretch and fit to the page, but I'm unsure how to change that myself! Do you know how I could go about achieving that?

you'd have to write some custom css to change the body background settings

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

I purchased your HTML Tabby a while ago, and my friend would like to use the code, but I saw it's retired. If I buy you a $5 kofi, can I give them the code?

I re-activated it on my ko-fi and will leave it up for a week, your friend can buy there so they can have it saved in a purchase history

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

Every CSS (besides Stripe) I use will not get rid of the character header bar even when it is set to off in the CSS settings and I’m not sure why! There’s nothing wrong with the codes as they’re directly copied/pasted and completely unedited. I don’t use global css settings (and I checked just to make sure), and checked to see if it would go away for guests/other logged in users but for some reason just stays for me, and it’s still there. Any ideas?

without seeing the issue i have no idea. if i had to take a stab in the dark it could be

  • global css conflict (this can come from folder character css too)
  • you have 2 imports on the page
  • the switch is not being set correctly
A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

Hi I saw this one user and their character with a css and html made by you but I cannot find it in ur shops at all, could you direct me to it to buy/get the code ? User css; character html ;

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

Hey! I tried to DM you on toyhouse but it didn't work (It says I can't DM you) so I'll ask here! I bought your Clean bundle on gumroad a year ago, and it seems the import link has broken, because suddenly the CSS won't work as it should. What should I do?

“won’t work as it should” is too vague a problem, i can’t help with this. you’d need to PM me the live code, my PMs are open and working (I just got 2 this morning so i know I can receive them). If you’re having PM issues id check you’re sending to the correct account + any settings you have on your account that might prevent PMs

also feel it’s worth mentioning make sure you’re turning WYSIWYG off via the way specified in my rules and FAQ, 95% of the “my code worked and now it doesn’t” issues I get sent are people who are not turning it off correctly so it’s a likely culprit

A Curious Flamingo asked about 2 months ago

Is there a way to change your "bubble" code from a colored background to an image background? I have vague html knowledge and none of the tweeks I have tried have worked

as a general answer- yes, there is a way. you would need to edit the code to do it. users are responsible for all edits they wish to make, i won’t walk you through it. you can try asking on the forums or in the coding discord

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

hello! back in jan 2021 i purchased the bargain bin from your kofi shop and it had the "book" character code in it, i'm currently using the code for one of my characters and was wondering if there was a way to change the color of the tabs at the bottom? i looked in the code, but may have missed something. thank you so much!

the tabs are themed colored by default, tho you can write your own custom code to change the color if you want

A Curious Flamingo asked about 2 months ago

Hi there! I edited one of your freebie html character profile templates to suit my needs and have some friends interested in using my modifications as well. Could I share my modified version of your html provided credit always remains?

sure! as long as its just some friends or a specific group (like if you had an rp group or something) that's fine

A Curious Flamingo asked about 2 months ago

Hello!! I'm currently using your retheme code [which is awesome, by the way!], but I cannot figure out how to change the colours of the box containing the character's name/OC creation date/Creator/Favourites!! Also applies to the "recent images" box and some other things, but I think fixing one of those might fix the other things! Dunno if I'm just being silly and I'm missing something/need to change something small, or if I messed something up somewhere... Thanks in advance <:)

I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to here, but I'm going to guess you mean a freebie css that recolors/rethemes the site? I know some of those exist, but I don't offer that personally. You'd need to check with the person who made it.

If you mean one of my freebies (simple, soft, clean demo, page demo) those are light/dark mode only so there is no setting for customizing colors beyond that.

A Curious Flamingo asked about 2 months ago

Hello. Where could I communicate with you in private?

You can PM me, the purpose of the ask box is for general questions where answering them publicly could be beneficial to other users who may have the same questions (and for people who have anxiety sending PMs).

A Curious Flamingo asked 2 months ago

On your Sideblock CSS, is it possible to make the gallery & fave number visible? Or is it something only you could do in the raw CSS? If this is counted as HTML/CSS question you don't need to answer this, I just wanted to know if it's possible for me to edit them in the first place or if it's out of my hands.

you need to write custom css to turn these back on! (if you do try to do this, be sure to put the custom css below the import link)

pax asked 2 months ago

Hello! I just bought the Bargain Bin a few moments ago and realised the "Retired Freebies" folder is empty, but still appears in the Directory_Descriptions.txt file. Should I try redownloading the zip file?

I checked and apparently this directory got wiped somehow ' _ '; IDK how that happened but I have salvaged what I could and re-uploaded the files, if you redownload the bargain bin now you should see content in that folder!