you can purchase any of my crds including pinkternet until november 10th!! after that, bye bye <3

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# ♥ asked about 2 months ago

helloo are you okay with remakes or tutorials on https://pinkternet.crd.co/# ? i dont see it in the portfolio section so i wanted to ask to make sure!! i really lovee it btw its one of the best comms carrd ive seen so far <33

ty so much, it’s okay to do tuts 🩷 sorry for the late answer

# ♥ asked 4 months ago

Hey!! I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this, but if you do I have a question. I have seen your carrds and I truly adore them, and I would love to pay for one of them!! But I really can’t get a paypal card, let alone a bank account. I really wanna know if there is another way I can pay, but if not that’s perfectly fine since it’s your choice. I just really wanna know so I don’t stall my time. So please just give me a quick answer if you ever can ꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*) !!

I cant believe I’m just seeing this I’m so sorry 😭 idk if you still want an answer but tbh the only internationally payment methods i got are paypal and ko-fi, and for any payment app you need to link some bank account, anyways if you wanna talk about it privately you can dm me through twitter gurisgo!

# ♥ asked 6 months ago


dm me in gurisgo and we can arrange details if you want a template or to buy a copy!

# ♥ asked 6 months ago

hisry r u still active? r u able to carrd purchase link (eg a paid carrd template like angeldiaries and musi crd co does?) for hibiscus crd?

# ♥ asked 8 months ago

do u prefer texts or calls

# ♥ asked 8 months ago

hiii, can i have the color hex of telepatia crd pls

# ♥ asked about 1 year ago

hi on the carrd gia.crd.co is the laptop a container or an image? are u comfortable with sharing if so? ><

# ♥ asked about 1 year ago

hihi, i made a carrd and used the iMac thing that you have in your portifolio (i put credits), would there be a problem if i sell it? sorry if this wasn't clear, english isn't my first language, also it's okay if you do mind

nah it shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s just inspired by my carrd and not exactly the same ^^

# ♥ asked about 1 year ago

what crds do you allow tuts on?

# ♥ asked over 1 year ago

can i have the cellphone png used on the left of this crd pls? (next to the pinterest link) https://gia.crd.co/assets/images/gallery03/2592af68_original.gif?v=5c38f5bd

# ♥ asked over 1 year ago

could i pls get the font code used for the pinkbaby text in https://data.whicdn.com/images/362426950/original.gif

the font it’s called chemre and you can find the code on jellymask carrd !

# ♥ asked over 1 year ago

do u have an image or screenshot of when gia crd was pink?

it’s pink in the preview to sell in the portfolio section

# ♥ asked over 1 year ago

hiyaa could i pls get the code for the music player on gia crd? or if its a gif could i get the link? ty !

i don’t really remember where i found the code i’m sorry

# ♥ asked over 1 year ago

how do you do a circle fog mask around an img? like the one in gia.crd.co

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