fae mew

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ᰔᩚ · 5mo

do you still make carrds

ᰔᩚ · 9mo

i think weheartit is broken 😭 wld u consider making an archive crd

ᰔᩚ · 10mo

hello do you have the links to all your carrds? :3

hi hi sry fr late response! i think ill make a archive/portfolio crd that will have my crds n most will have links :)

connor <3 · 12mo

what does a archive crd pls inform me !

ᰔᩚ · 12mo

ur crds are SUUUUPER cool i loveeeeee

ADHSJ TYSMMMM this means sm to me ૮ › ༝ ‹ ྀིა n sry for being a lil ia i have exams n stuff hehe

ᰔᩚ · 12mo

hi there!! could i get the shadow code for the little circle inside the menu pad thing on ipod crd co? thanku :3c

hihi sure!!
box-shadow: 0 7px 9px -5px white, 7px 0 5px -7px #cdcdcd, -7px 0 5px -7px #cdcdcd, 0 -7px 5px -7px #cdcdcd;
border: solid 1px #cecece;
also heres the bg color gradient: #D8D8D8 to #E8E8E8 linear

ᰔᩚ · 1y

can u tell me ur crds links? tysm 🫶🏻🪽

rn the only link i can share is ;-; i am in the process of touching up my other crds n maybe making an archive crd ..?? who knows hehe

ᰔᩚ · 1y

hii not a question, js wanted to say i adore ur crds sm!!

AHHHH ANON TYSM ILY comments liek this make me motivated to make more crds ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎♡

ᰔᩚ · 1y

What is the url of your ipod carrd?? I want to use it for reference ^^

right now im making some changes so its a draft,, but once im done i can share the url !!

ᰔᩚ · 1y

may i get the codes for ur ipod carrd 🙇‍♀️

hello !! virtualcrd just posted a tut of my ipod crd (ill link it under this) if ur interested ^^

ᰔᩚ · 1y

is there anywhere to find codes for your carrds?

atm i dont hav like a pastebin for all the codes i use but if u want a certain code i could probably send it to u!

ᰔᩚ · 1y

do you copy this carrd?

hello, are u asking if i give out copies of that carrd? if so, i do not at the moment! if ppl r interested in copies ill think abt it ^^

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