Beating Heart · 1mo

You're like a rainbow after the rain, you're the book that I lost three years ago and accidentally found, you're like the smell of an old book, you're like a stranger that I talked to in a park and I can't stop thinking about your words.

-w (i‘ll write to you when i can)

Oh, God. You made me wonder what kind of kindness have I done in my past to be told this and to be given the chance to feel love in such a lovely and endearing way. :( Thank you so much, dearest, thank you. You are like this dappled light on the soil that I will forever not be bored to stare at, the kind of wind that calms my noisy night, and the warmth of the midnight sun that keeps me away from the cold. You are, my dear, everything lovely that everyone will think of. I hope you will sleep soundly tonight, too! May love follow you wherever the wind takes you! <3 (Psssst, I know who you are! I miss you lots! <\3)

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