Beating Heart · 24d

milo! i miss how i used to send you messages here :[ i got so busy in school and in my life, but whenever i saw green and nature my brain never forget to remind me of you, i hope love and kindness hugs you tightly. -w :>

My dearest Wren, my loveliest. I, too, miss you as much, if I may be honest! That is totally fine, really! Please, do consider taking a break first and put yourself at ease! You can always send me a message here at any time you please as long as you are in a fit condition. Seems like the world has been a bit unkind to you these days ... I hope it will go kinder by the morning you wake up tomorrow! By the way! Thank you so much for keeping me safe in your thoughts and remembering the things I really hold so dear to my heart. Thank you so much, thank you so much, thank you so much. I, too, will constantly look up at the things that remind me of you, like, for example, the gentleness of the breeze that is as tender as you! :3 Oh, I am hoping that love and kindness will, too, hug you as tightly in the most endearing way possible! May the moon keep you safe tonight, too! <3

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