Anonymous Freak asked about 1 month ago

Have you ever been to Czechia?

I went to Prague/Praha with my class in my last year of secondary school!
The trip in general was fun, lots of interesting buildings and monuments to visit. Unfortunately the whole thing was pretty soured because some stuff happened with a (now ex-)friend. Hope I can go back some day and make better memories to make up for it.
Also there was so much weed being sold in any and all forms, it was wild lol. Regular weed. Weed chocolate. Weed drinks (both alcoholic and not). Weed lollipops (which tasted disgusting apparently). Just...weed. Everywhere. Some woman (who spoke perfect French for some reason) gave me dubious brownies which may or may not have contained weed, and which I was too chicken to eat. My mom ate them all. They were good, she said.

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