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I'm spewing nonsense most of the time on Twitter when I'm not posting stuff on AO3. I write mostly about JaeHyuck but I sometimes write about my other fave ships too.
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NCity OT23
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No one asks me anything. 馃ズ


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shy 馃崙馃Ц asked 11 months ago

i'm not the person who wrote the prompt but please release it i'm begging you... I NEED THE JAEHYUCK FIC.... Please I'm sincerely asking. 馃ス

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked over 1 year ago

hey! will you be joining the peach&bear fest? would love to see your take on the prompts cause some of the prompts are soooo good 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ and so is your writing too!

Wow! That's the nicest thing I've read today. Thank you! 馃馃徏 I'm still thinking if I should join, I'll have to review the prompts since I've forgotten most of them. 馃 I'm also working on something of my own & have been writing that the past few days, actually.

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked over 1 year ago

Not trying to be rude here, but i really cant help but say this.

You write the best jaehyuck fics that i have ever fuckin found on ao3. Like what the fuck. How are you so talented? to write in such detail and touch my heart???? HOW?????

Okay sorry for the scare i really appreciate you doing wonders for the jaehyuck nation. THANK YOU

I didn鈥檛 think you were rude or scary at all. If anything, you are wonderful for my ego. Haha! Although I have other favorite jaehyuck fics that I鈥檝e read and wish I could write that way, thank you for saying I touched your heart. You鈥檝e touched mine. 馃グ馃グ馃グ

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked over 1 year ago

Cause Its You and Me has got to be the best jaehyuck fic i've ever read. Like legitimately not even 0.01% kidding i mean it. The amount of pining from JH and how DH has loved him from the start..... MY HEART IS YEARNING AND FLUTTERING AT THE SAME TIME GOSH YOU ARE A GENIUS. i'm not a main jaehyuck person (more markhyuck lol) but this fic has made jaehyuck go into my top 3 THE GENIUS YOU ARE GODDAMN

The compliment this is! 馃槶馃槶馃槶 I don鈥檛 deserve it but I鈥檒l take it. Thank you! 馃馃徏

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

tysm for writing and sharing that fic i enjoyed reading it !!!! this is idk assurance that someone enjoys what u write kasi yung start ng chaps mo lagi is u saying sorry and ur worried. newsflash u did really great !!!! - a

Do I often start off like that? It鈥檚 cause I sometimes feel like I talk to a wall so I鈥檓 not sure if people jive with it or they just don鈥檛 have anything else to read. But I鈥檓 gonna try to ask that question less (since I get a lil more feedback these days anyways). 馃榿

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

actually i am so in love naman with everything you write, pero yeah im in love with stay away from u na naman huhu - a

And I am so in love with your super generous comments! Thank youuu! 馃槱馃槱馃槱

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago


Woooooow! That was my first fic! I鈥檓 actually thinking of rewriting that and expanding it so that it鈥檚 a little meatier. Thank you so much for liking it! 馃槏

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

Why there's so many jaehyuck filo au馃槶 like let me in please, i wanna read it too. Btw thank you jaehyucker writers, keep going!!! even tho i don't understand the language馃槀

I鈥檓 so sorry? 馃槶 But don鈥檛 worry, the bulk of my stuff鈥檚 in English! And this includes my most fave ones that I鈥檝e done (but please don鈥檛 tell my other stories that). I鈥檓 actually about to start a new 1 in English.

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

heyyyy! happy new year! i hope 2022 brings you abundance of happiness because that's what you've given jaehyuckers in 2021 lol. thank you so much. have a fun year ahead 鈾

Happy New Year, anon! This is the kindest wish I鈥檝e received to date. I hope you have an abundance of happiness too! 馃グ I hope we all do! And an abundance of jaehyuck actual moments! (Aside from ones we made up in our heads.)

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

oh sorry didn't know abt the adhd thinggggg, here's another reco then it's much shorter and fast paced !!! hope u like it :(( - a

Don鈥檛 be sorry abt the adhd. It鈥檚 undiagnosed so who can tell for sure, right? I read it already. Ang ganda! 馃槱 I wish I can write like this work鈥檚 author.

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

missed messaging u on here btw jsnfmskaks and u changed ur username pala yaaay so cute - a

Ahehehe. Yes, I did. I felt kasi unfair kay Jae na super favorite ko si Hyuck so sinama ko na sya since I love him as much.

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago hi i was once on ur cc asking if its okay to reco a fic to u here it is!!! - a

Hello! I always see this but I have adhd so I find it hard to read longer fics these days but you know what? Sige, I'll read it. Since I keep seeing it and I have seen good reviews about this fic. :) Also, I hope you're not so busy these days. We deserve to not be busy as we end the year diba?

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

omg you can do jaehyuck socmed aus now

OMG! Yes!!! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad one? I have way too many tools and time to spam. 馃槶

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago

I love the first update! Thankyou so much for the ud!

shy 馃崙馃Ц asked almost 2 years ago


Grabe naman yung anonymous coward. 馃槶 I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e not. Not so sure about the IT setup dahil di naman ako super IT. Customer service setup? But thanks for being my 1st customer here. Hahaha.

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