My carrd pretty much holds the informations you need about me, if you have further questions you can ask me here or on X’s DM.

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[Redacted] · 6d

eh dy ketawa banget lu nyampe naro nsfw di bio demi ngetwit foto austin butler bugil 😂

[Redacted] · 1d

so...... your favorite tracks from TTPD?

Okay.. here we go: Down Bad, But Daddy I Love Him, My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys, The Alchemy, So High School, The Prophecy, The Bolter.

The list might be added though, who knows the whole album would be my personality later.

Ducklings · 7d

I want to have a older sister like you... someone to watch movies with and eat ice cream.. [derita anak bungsu kakak lelaki] ingin juga ak merasakan punya kakak cewe 😩😩😩

[Redacted] · 6d

masih suka kpop ga? Kok udah ga pernah liat fangirling kpop lagi

Masih tapi cuma ke Blackpink doang sih sekarang yang paling ngikutin, meskipun mereka lagi mode ala carte a.k.a eceran.

[Redacted] · 5d

You seem like a sweet and endearing person, not the psycho, scary girlfriend you depicted yourself to be. so which one is it?

[Redacted] · 8d

andy pernah kesurupan ga? nanya beneran ya ini!!!

Damien. · 6 answers · 6d

Guys help me, my family wants to travel around Indonesia. Which one should I visit first after Labuan Bajo?

[Redacted] · 6d

Jadi tahta cillian murphy udah digantikan sama austin butler?

DON'T BE RIDICULOUS! Every babe and daddy has their own throne in my life, no one is replacing anyone.

[Redacted] · 14d

you must've love movies so much.

[Redacted] · 11d

you're such a fucking goddess

Ibra. · 73 answers · 2mo

What you love so much of being your parents' kid?

They don't see marriage as the only goal a woman can have or is supposed to achieve in life.

[Redacted] · 16d

ternyata ada yg ngewakilin 😭 setiap ngelihat Andy tuh kaya punya ancient rage, seru pasti kalau yg jahat di pukulin semua sama Andy

[Redacted] · 11d

Emang bener cewek kalo udah jadi mantan suka lebih cantik ya

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