Arborification: The Jigokuraku Flora Compendium

A floriography zine focused on the language of flowers and what they represent to the various characters of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku.

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Curious Bud · 3mo

hi, what are the order goals to unlock the stretch goals? i couldn't find that info anywhere

Hi there! Our stretch goals are 50 and 100 orders, which have been posted today on socials, so please do check them out~

Curious Bud · 8mo

Hey there! Since the application deadline was extended, will we also hear back a week later, or will contributors still be chosen by Aug 25? Thanks!

Curious Bud · 9mo

What's the general feel of the zine? Are you guys looking for horror, cutesy stuff, anime style etc.?

Hello! Since the theme has to do with the language of flowers, contributors will be able to create pieces that convey a variety of feelings. As long as the meaning of their chosen flower is represented, pieces can be stylized to the creator's choice. So we don't favor one style over the other during applications in case you're curious!

Curious Bud · 9mo

hello!! i wanted to ask about your stance on applicants' interests beyond the zine. specifically, will having produced problematic content negatively reflect on my application? thank you!

Hi there! What applicants do or create in their time outside of the project has absolutely no bearing on their application, with one exception: we do not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying, and any applicants that are found to have participated in such behaviour will have their application disqualified.

TL;DR if you create "problematic" content, no, it will not negatively affect your application. Hope that answers your question~

Curious Bud · 9mo

Hello! For writer applications, do samples need to be completed/standalone? I.e. Can they be an excerpt of a larger fic? Thank you so much for your time!

As long as a sample is no longer than 2,000 words, it's completely fine as either a standalone piece or an excerpt of a larger story. Thank you for asking!

Curious Bud · 10mo

Hello! I haven’t submitted work for a zine before and wanted to ask - do the samples need to have characters or only flowers related to a character?

Hello! We don't require samples of flower illustrations or Hell's Paradise characters in your portfolio, though it doesn't hurt! You can just send in what you consider your best completed illustrations and we'll focus on things like style, composition, ability, etc. based on those pieces.

Hope this helps!

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