We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful.

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curious cat · 5mo


curious cat · 8mo

Ternyata kamu bisa receh juga ya🥲🥲 koleksi meme jelek gitu🥲

curious cat · 8mo

Bleh egk sy meminank anak km,,,,, membawa buket penuh dgn rc

curious cat · 8mo

Hi, Kaede! I love seeing you around on my timeline. Your interactions with your friends are just so much fun to read. And you, yourself, are a very humble and approachable person. It seems that the last few days have been tough on you. Hope it gets better soon!

Hey. Thank you so much for these heartfelt words, really. It means a lot to me, anon. It indeed was, but I finally regain my positivity back, fortunately! Have a great day ahead, ya. ❤️

curious cat · 8mo

How was your sleep last night?

It was... idk, so-so? Since last night was a bit rough night for me in the place. Thank you for asking, tho. How was yours?:D

curious cat · 8mo

Kaede punya crush ya :( Maaf ya aku bisa bisanya sempet suka sama kamu… Aku mau lupain kamu, ini serius. Doain ya.

How many times should I say that I don’t have any... 😅😅 But yeah, good luck sender. Please don’t apologize since I’m happy to get the chance to pique your interest. Thank you for being kind and generous enough for liking someone like me. May you meet someone who can reciprocate your feelings in the future. :)

curious cat · 8mo

Takut kalo deketin kamu bodyguardnya banyak

Jangankan bodyguard, 1000 presiden aku lawan kalo akunya naksir juga. Santai😁👍

curious cat · 8mo

Kalo suka sama kamu ada yang marah gak?

curious cat · 8mo


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