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Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Kamu mutualnya temen deketku and I think you're really cool

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

what's your hogwarts house? 🪄

Ch. · 35 answers · 3mo

Kalo one fine day minat ke negara mana?

Ch. · 30 answers · 3mo

Nasi goreng seafood atau nasi goreng ikan asin?

ayis : P · 7 answers · 3mo

bad mood banget… what should i do rn…? :(

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

oh haha i see, maaf cain kalau perkataan gua tadi agak bikin lu takut. you've always been an absolute darling sweetheart. but I'm a coward so forgive me for not daring to confess to you in person. I just wanted you to know that you've taken someone's whole heart and being. I hope that doesn't sound scary to you. :)

It’s fine, it’s fine.

This one sounds better though, thank you for the confession and I don’t think you are a coward. You’re cool for typing this out and there’s no need to apologize. You’re cool. 🙂‍↕️👍🏻

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

kok takut? 🤨
I'm not a weirdo dude, just wanted to say that I like you. sorry if it scared you then.

Eh, don’t be sorry because I know I’m pretty cool and likeable. Everyone should’ve like me because I’m cool, LMAO. I’m just pretty scared when people said shit like you said earlier “mau milikin lu” like a fucking bird you gonna catch and put on a fucking cage. #FreeSpirited

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

iya naksir banget, pingin lu jadi milik gua

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

serius gua ngajak pacaran bukan ngewe

Barat Laut. · 3mo

Hoi lu kenapa gak balas diskusi terakhir itu, padahal gue udah pengen kepoin jawaban lainnya.

Bentar, lupa bales gue. Sosial battery gue habis pas itu. Chat gue duluan dong soalnya gue udah close DM. Real akan gue balas dalam satu detik.

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

hi!!! be happy and stay healthy! ❤️

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

haterism injection nya mana yaaaa

Rion. · 4mo

Seberapa penting plot lu harus gue bales?

Anonymous Coward · 4mo

oi tokrevngitis

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