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Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

Hi there, love your work! What do you use to code your website? I'm trying to work on my own someday in the future and was hoping if you have any advice

Oh thank you so much! My website is an unholy mix of SQL, PHP, and JavaScript. I'm not totally sure I'd recommend it? Of course there's also HTML/CSS. If you're looking for beginner tips, w3schools and FreeCodeCamp are both really good!

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

what's your favourite kind of body to draw? (like, height, weight, age, etc!)

i like to draw most bodies but especially men that are soft. let me show you some...

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

Cutest outfit your OC wears?

my main verse unreality agents doesn't have spectacularly cute outfits (unless you count sasha's, but i feel like i've been saying sasha as my answer for half of these questions oTL) but in eudesia and aether verse ive done some really nice lingerie designs!

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

whos the biggest and most fuckable?

the ask made me realize that neist is the only oc on my current roster who's larger than a human, so the fuck clown wins by default. but like, it also deserves to win

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

What's the funniest thing you've ever written/drawn regarding your OCs?

fuck, uhhhhh. maybe the part where apollo convinces viel to cheat with him by saying friends with benefits dont count, and viel is like. idk if that adds up but who am i to do math

Hex asked over 1 year ago

Your OCs favorite foods??

i have these written down, hang on... sasha likes shortbread cookies. kynton likes those fancy french mousse cakes. chen likes garlic bread. milo likes citrus fruits, to the point of just eating limes as a snack. pine doesnt like eating but thinks salad is ok. idris is probably a steaks kind of guy. kyren likes fried rice but more because it's easy and efficient than anything else. i can go on but i wont

Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

What's your favorite piece of art that:
-You've done
-Someone else has done
-Nobody else really likes/notices

thats a hard one to answer!! i actually really like my own art so its hard to narrow down, but some of the more recent sasha pics are ESPECIALLY nice. my favorite art that other people have done specifically for me.... also sashas. aca's sasha and felix's sasha are top tier. although in terms of other people's art that isn't Made For Me, i always love seeing km claude's illustrations. i don't pay a whole lot of attention to what does or doesn't get noticed though. as long as my friends see it, thats what matters right?

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