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☆ asked 6 days ago

Hi! I recently followed this carrd tut of yours (https://youtu.be/5sL73GGn750) and I absolutely love it. However, now at the bottom of my carrd, there is a Made with Carrd watermark and I can't seem to find a way to remove it. Is there any way I can remove it? Thank you!

you can't remove it unless you have at least pro lite but i recommend in page settings to put backgrounds color the same as you used in your containers background

☆ asked 9 days ago

Is it normal that when I put mobile mode the column are not side to side but one on top of the other?

you need to use these settings on containers: mobile: manual, layout: default!

☆ asked 11 days ago

i like your tutorials but some of them are confusing too follow :/

which onex... how are they confusing. you just follow whats on the screen. and in never ones you have captions. if thats hard for u then we cant rlly do anything about it. but if youre talking about photo tutorials then the purpose of them was so more advanced carrd makers could just see what settings and elements to use

☆ asked 14 days ago

Hello, I have a question. Do you know how to create a different background on each Carrd page? I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer. All your tutorials have been very helpful to me so far. Thank you very much.

☆ asked 17 days ago

Hello!! I don’t know if you have any expertise in this but I will still shoot my shot.Do you know how I can make a carrd making/selling business easily?And how should I proceed to contact my clients?
Thank you for your time!Also,really cute carrds btw <<33

hii, we just started making carrds for people for free, then posting tutorials and we somehow became big so the rest came naturally. the clients contact us, not the other way around. dont really have tips :( sorry! but good luck!

☆ asked 16 days ago

can u make a tutorial for this carrd pls when u have time https://x.com/oecarrd/status/1358701201492115459?s=46&t=M_p8mumUr821Y1We2iDJmQ

u dont request through here, you need to request through our form. check our carrd to find it

☆ asked 21 days ago

hii, what programs do yall use to record and edit ur tutorials? sorry if this was asked before 😭 and ty in advance!

☆ asked 21 days ago

about the last ask 🤣 I think I should've done a better job at explaining what I was trying to say. With interactive carrds you can't just screenshot it because it won't have all of the information there; so I just moved every "control" thingies to the bottom and made a screenshot, but if you have any recommendations of screenshot softwares pls tell me; the one I'm currently using left the image with a poor quality :(

well, for interactive carrds we just screenrecord our phones (we have a screenrecorder build-in in iphones). we don't use any software, all screenshots or screenrecordings

☆ asked 28 days ago

hi! idk if this is common knowledge and I'm just dumb, but how can I save my carrd as jpg? is it a pro feature? thanks in advance

☆ asked about 1 month ago

https://www.pinterest.se/pin/1069816086468456941/ how do you make the top container with the "yeobin420.com"?

☆ asked about 1 month ago

hi do you have a place where you keep all your saved text, where we can copy it?
like i mean in this tut: https://youtu.be/T-blcgetd2s?si=_MC5-Sp1Bh19Tih8 timestamp:10:14
like text: text text text about age pronouns etc all of that

we do for tutorials that use a lot of complicated texts and that text can be found in the description but this one didnt need it... you can easily write that yourself and all the symbols we use are always in the description.

☆ asked about 1 month ago

for every carrd tut i try to use i can't seem to access the images with the link in the desc, it shows a screen saying "502 bad gateway nginx" ive tried three different devices too :(

☆ asked about 1 month ago

where do i get the "non-pro carrd tutorial" thing? I searched but i can't find it (⁠。⁠•́⁠︿⁠•̀⁠。⁠)

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