♾️ · 9mo

NOT YET cause I’m quite insecure…? And also just shy in general, really. But someday I’ll show up so hope you don’t get too shocked HAHAH. Ooooh, is your mom good at cooking? I like eating katsu too, but in terms of Japanese food I prefer omurice more! I’m glad you had a reaaaally great day. I just had a burger and Chinese takeout for dinner! I just arrived in IL a week ago, so I’m still getting used to the time difference but yk I’m getting there!

no need to rush!!! take as much as youuuuuuuu wamt kakak anonnie i will be patiently waiting 🧍‍♀️🤳🏻 << rEal footage of ME refreshing retro page every mins 🫣🌀☝🏻 sheE IS an expertise at cOoOking, mostly local cuisine :3 yOU HAVE TO mandatory trrryyyy heerrsss‼️‼️‼️MmMm areeee youuu fully satisfied with your dinner because!! itsZzz sound tasty i Mean cHinese food never fails at any occasion :3 ENAK ENAK hUweee WHAHAGAGAHAHNW IS IL thE only country that popped out is israel???!!( WAHT❓❓❓

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