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Anonymous Coward · 28d

Kinyan, ga mau balik?

Anonymous Coward · 1mo

Heard that you're easily running out of energy. Take some rest please : " (

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Hi, Sal! Non-OOMF in here, I've been wondering—do you have any plan to search for new mutuals in the future? I've seen you interacted with my mutuals from time to time, and you seem so elegant and cool, I would love to be your mutual (re: I'm more than eager to be one). I'm sorry if I sound like a stalker t___t

I have never thought of myself that way, but it must be huge coming from you, so thanks a lot. I happen to think to seek new acquaintance around in near term, I'm much comfortable with my current amount of social circle for now. However, the idea of having someone's watching intrigues me and I'm all in for forging a new friendship with you, too. Your awaited friendship invitation shall be here this week, would you mind to pay me a visit after? You have my word on it, dearest. Until then, have a blessed day.

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

i barely see you around on timeline, hope you doing good in life tho.

Timeline is tough for me to keep up with while I've got lots of thing to do due to my work. I'll try my best to post a tweet for everyone to join in if I have some free time in the future. We may recently gotten acquainted, yet I'm grateful you stop by on my Retrospring, I really appreciate the way you approach me. Anyway, please take care of yourself as well, dear Anon.

Anonymous Coward · 2mo

Sal, ayo temenan in game. Aku main semua game yang kamu mainin. :}

Aku uninstall Genshin & Path to Nowhere untuk sekarang, Sender. Mungkin mau temenan di HSR? Kadang masih aku mainin, kok.

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