check my carrd

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angelitos · 2mo

Hiii! I made a pro standard version of your tokiiro carrd and i think i messed some of the codes up, can i dm you and add you to the carrd to check it out?

IM SORRY FOR THE LATE RESPONSE 😭 I have so much going on irl that I forgot to check this and I don't even get that many questions tho BUT if you're still having troubles with you send me a dm through twt!!

angelitos · 2mo

do you have any archive for the old designs like pinterest or etc?

myself don't but there's plenty of my old designs in Pinterest and some tutos in yt and I'm positive that all of them have credits on it so you could check those ig...

angelitos · 2mo

hi! what happened to your old carrd designs? and do you allow tutorials on them?

hii my old carrds are likely deleted and yes tutorials are allowed in any carrd of mine that isn't in my selling carrd (tokiiro crd) just © me properly ^^

angelitos · 3mo

hi, are tutorials allowed for your comms card? thank you.

angelitos · 8mo

hello! how do you use gifs as your own slideshow like how u did in ur portfolio?

hi! they aren't gifs, its just a slideshow with normal images tho... its a feature in pro plus plan (im not sure if pro standard have it too)

angelitos · 8mo

hello! do u allow carrd remakes with proper creds? if so, is it okay if i can remake ur carrd template ‘webpage’ ? not sure if u have the link for it tho ;; if not then i definitely understand! tysm for ur hard work ^__^ ❤︎

hi, you can do remakes of whatever carrd of mine you want but not of the ones that im selling and webpage is in my catalogue to buy it ^^ <3 (you can check its preview there too, just if you want to purchase it ~)

angelitos · 8mo

haii ^__^! are u okay with a non pro tut of this crd? tysm <3

angelitos · 9mo

really cute crds designs, im getting pro plus again so i can buy one maybe

angelitos · 9mo

hi !! how did u do the background of your selling crds website ( tokiiro.crd.o) ^^ ??

hi, it's just color background + pattern (angled dots, size 2 and thickness 50) ^^

angelitos · 9mo

hii, im interested in your carrds! but i cant text you on twitter (T_T) is there any other platform where we can discuss about this?

hi. my selling carrd is up now! you can go check there the carrds i'm (currently) selling ⁓

labelle · 9mo

hii! im interested in your carrds! but i cant text you on twitter (T_T) is there any other platforms you use that we can talk discuss about this?🫶🏻

i just use twt 😭😭 but im reorganizing my carrd (where you can buy my carrds) so in 2 days or so you can go through it ^^ (is linking here and twt)

angelitos · 9mo

hi! i received the templates. thank you so much for your time, the carrds are amazing as always!! i love them <33

angelitos · 9mo

Have you ever written in Japanese?

(Ignore the question)
If anyone else has a problem with the carrd(s) that they bought from me, please send me your twt user here + follow req on twt, bc i don't know if I'm able to see the email of who bought them...

angelitos · 9mo

hi i’m not able to access the templates i bought on carrd from the beginning of this year T^T

whoever had the same issues pls let me know ASAP so i can send you guys' crds (this time as copies)

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