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· 2mo

O1 》What are you up to ?
O2 》Recently listened songs
O3 》A character I love
O4 》A fun fact
O5 》A character I ID

❝ ᛝ 。 meri ⚢ 𓈒ㅤׂ 𝜗𝜚 ❞ · 6 answers · 15h

https://rentry.co/tiasa --- on a roll today cuz i made this rentry for my friend @novelist !!! i hope u like it <3

anon · 16h

The Chasca fact is so cool, thank you for it, I learned something new today!

Im glad you enjoyed it!! My oomf has sent me a few good extracts of some books that study her in regards to qichwa pantheology, and i plan to make myself a little doc summarizing it. i may share facts from it now and then!

anon · 24h

I'm back with more :3
Their art style looks so yummy

AUGHAJRKSKGKE THIS IS SO CUTEEE but heres a fun chasca fact!!!
Chasca, her name is more so the equivalent of a deity, rather than a goddess. She's the equivalent of VENUS in the qichwa pantheon. And she was seen as a protector of women! She was also related to flowers. And her name itself in some translations means star.

Another fun fact! I am currently in contact with someone who's a runa (quechuan native, while i am indigenous myself, i wasnt that in contact with my culture. But they speak quechuan and have been studying the culture for a while!) And we are intending to plan a redesign for her :)

黒兎 · 6 answers · 1d

should i make one of those ask games. IF YOU SAY YES YOU HAVE TO DO IT. 😡

anon · 1d

hiee ^_^ im here from your resource rentry and i just wanted to ask could you do a button that says "whirr" ? its my favourite band :3 any colour is okay ! thank you

hi! i consulted with a few ppl as i didnt know the band but i've been told it has had issues w transphobia (a member) and sexist remarks? so unfortunately i dont feel comfortable with that im really sorry !

anon · 1d
anon · 1d

Hi! May I ask 01 & 04 ^^

O1 》What are you up to ?
I'm about to enter my DND meeting session!! My character, mym, is an eladrin druid :3c
O4 》A fun fact
Marinera is such a beautiful dance, my favorite video to show to people is Asia 2015 ! Here you go https://youtu.be/iOy1iT6dJP4?si=o_3Bz35JnfiKrK4J it's honestly a lovely dance and if you can tell me what you thought about it after you see it please do ♡

˚ ᷂ ⠀⠀ 𓏲 ⠀ ⠀Aera。 ⠀⠀𓂃 · 27 answers · 1d

˚⠀ 𓏲𝄢⠀ Question
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Of The Day.ᐟ⠀ 𓂃⠀
❝Which Holiday Are
⠀ You Most Excited For.ᐣ❞

Christmas!! Though maybe peru independence day cause My uncle (whos my godfather) is finally returning to living in my city after being in the north for almost 3 years!!

♥︎ · 1d

haiii mira ^_< tell me something random about you annnd a character you id with

HIHI okay um a random thing is I used to dance marinera! Which is a Lima dance post colonization , it's actually a really lovely dance but the steps hurt a lot cause u hit the ground w bare feet on point but it's SO beautiful and the dresses are so lovely.

A char I ID with cld be citlali even if she's not put! Her reaction in the trailer is why I have her as pfp, but if we speak of a char that is released into its game I relate a lot to Link from zelda and Apollo Justice from ace attorney!!

།† · 1d

hai mira im assigning you a candy, you get strawberry bon bons, they remind me of you a lot for some reason. you also give off a dullish teal color

OMG I USED TO GOBBLE THOSE UP WHEN I WAS YOUNGER THEY WERE MY FAVES... you remind me of ring pops specifically the purple ones

anon · 1d

im sorry that you have to basically advertise ur race because other people think they have the right to police your origins and culture/gen. some people need to get off the internet

It's honestly extremely upsetting that I have to openly state my parents races and my own for someone to leave me the fuck alone. The worst part is the anon was angry I was using citlalis official art (w the original skin tone) and called me racist for it. So I asked a friend to color pick MY SKINTONE from A PHOTOGRAPH for this new pfp and I ALSO get called racist?? I can't fucking win.

dollie (^_^♪) · 2d

ZELDA AND ACE ATTORNEY FAN IM FALLING ONTO THE FLOOR ITS LIKE FINDING A GLOWING ORB IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE 😭😭😭😭 <-- deranged about ace attorney (loves zelda above the average level but not too high)

OMGOGMGOMG ANOTHER OEN??? I LVOE OV9E LOVELOVE ZELDA AND AA SOOOO MUCH who are ur fave chars from AA I am in love w klavier gavin

anon · 1d

now why tf random people getting aggressive over your race LORDDDD other anon gotta chill

I'll be honest this one actually got to me. It's legitimately upsetting to be insulted to that level because I don't feel "indigenous" enough to refer to myself as anything but latino. It's also why my entire thesis is going to be centered on quechuan mythology and It's presence in media. I am not white by any means, I hope you all know that. I just can't believe I'm now basically forced to display everywhere that I'm latino. When a simple search of me in any discord server would let you know I am PERUVIAN from PERU and I am patriotic over It's culture pre-colonization.

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