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any prns﹒slow﹒crd maker

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feel free to ask anything but pls be respectful !!


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wandering soul · 16d

You seem really nice but we disagree in a bunch of stuff and I know that you'd hate me only because my opinions lol

wandering soul · 16d

Your main (personal) carrd looks awful on phone or at least in mine, the box that have a picture and says previous and next is on top of the rest of the content so you can basically read nothing lol

ohh are you talking about empress.ju.mp? I intended to make the carrd without the mobile optimization in mind so yea it's only suitable for desktop screens ! I forgot to add a pop up about that ><

wandering soul · 1mo

hi! if you don't mind me asking, may i know what the color palette you used in this carrd, please? swan.uwu.ai

wandering soul · 2mo

love your profile sm!!! ur super cool :p

wandering soul · 2mo

hi if youre gonna use my rentry desigbs at least give creds LMFAO

hi! which one are you referring to? I haven't designed a rentry in a very long time, so I may have overlooked it

wandering soul · 4mo

hi hi ! i noticed your rentry hoard has not been updated in a long time so i was curious if /yumeiro or /patissiere would potentially be up for trade?

loligothic · 5mo

hello can you give me the /loligothic rentry url evven my discord is /loligothic pls

wandering soul · 6mo

hi are you okay with non-pro tuts on this carrd? https://kylohan.carrd.co/ i don't see it in your portfolio but i wanted to ask to make sure first!!

wandering soul · 6mo

hello …. do u have any urls ur willing to give 4 free?

I'm not sure, I haven't updated my list in a while and I'm not really interested in hoarding more. which url are you interested in? I might think about giving it away for free

wandering soul · 9mo

hi, wondering if the younha rentry url is available

wandering soul · 8mo

i want your younha url but i cant dm you, do you have a wishlist ?

I don't have a wishlist but if you have a list of urls I can choose from, I might trade /younha ^^

wandering soul · 9mo

MUAHAHAHAHA! YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME! SO LONG, SUCKERS!!! (i drive away on my motocrycle, creating a large cloud of smoke. as the plume clears, i am lying completely dead on the pavement)

wandering soul · 10mo

Hello I paid for a carrd in ko fi and I haven’t received any transfer it’s been 24 hrs… check ko fi message

sorry I just saw this! I haven't opened my socmeds lately, I sent the carrd and I hope u like it ♡

wandering soul · 10mo

do you know if i can use your work on neocities? i just would hate to buy one of your kofis for 10 bucks and it not work

this might be just my preference but I think it's a bit disrespectful to use my work on neocities without paying for it :(( especially if I worked really hard making the design

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