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૮ Ꮚ◞ ˔ ◟Ꮚა ⠀ puddin · 19h

HII EVERYONE !! doing a repromo again my name is puddin or valentina I’m finally back on retrospring :3 I want friends and I promise I’m very very nice(or I try to) and I’m just a flop (lol) and that’s all ^^ feel free to ask for my discord on my inbox yu Ty!

[: :] 𓈒 ◟) ˖ 𝖉ion̲n̲e 𝜗𝜚 ๋࣭  ࣪ · 21h

.   ,, hello ! ! i'm kinda new to retrospring but i'm searching for some mutuals ! i'm very shy, yes even online, but i hope that won't get in the way ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭

 𐙚 vin༢ུ · 1d

what r your opinion about sotuhpark sorry im crazy

Friend ⑅ · 1d

i miss you i hope you're doing okay... congratulations on graduating and i hope you can get off dialysis soon!!! (i'm not sure how it works i hope that's correct to say 😭😭 lmfao)

꒰ఎ ⠀𓈒⠀ Auntie · 5d

Hallo ・・・。I'm Auntie or Lushifa.. looking for mutuals on this sweet platform~͠﹗❕ྀི I use lots of typing quirks on my post, but each contain translations on the comments. Let's be friends. (ꇴ^៸៸ ) ྀིྀིྀིაಎ

〖 𝐿𝘢𝑐𝘦𝑦︔ 𝘈𝑚𝘦𝑙𝘪𝑒 〗 · 9d

This is so sweet! ♡ I love her videos & i'm glad people still associate me with manifestation as it's been my special interest for over 7+ years ^o^)/ Thank you so much!! You've always intrigued me in the best way possible so it's nice to have more of a personal interaction ♡ This really made my day!!!

Oh goodness this account is dying due to my inactivity ... I'm sincerely sorry! I just graduated high school & have been having issues with my dialysis center being medically negligent. I will try my best to return to being fully active & doing better QOTDs! I know recently they haven't been very good ;; Thank you for being patient & understanding! I'm sorry if I haven't answered your question! I cleared my inbox entirely so feel free to resend it!

  The Harvester · 11d

Greetings   I   am   new   to   Retrospring   and   in   search   of   mutuals.
I   am   part   of   The   Chiffons   system,   you   shall   call   me   The   Harvester.
I   use   thy   hir   pronouns   and   I   am   one   with   nature.
I   hope   we   become   good   friends.   I   like   everything   related   to   nature.

♪(´▽`) · 12d

helloo,, im a lil new to retrospring so im not sure if im doing this right but im looking to make some mutuals/friends! im a little dry sometimes sorryy but i dont bite i promise! ^^

⠀⠀ · 12d

Helloo. .。I’m here to show myself… ♡ I had just updated my rentry .. and I wanted to share… See if I can make some friends as I have changed my personality a few times… ; ; 🥩 I hope we all get along well!!🩸🥄

♡┊Milo • 🎀 · 13d

Hello! My name is Milo. I lould love to make some friends and mutuals. I sometimes struggle with interacting with others, but please don't let that discourage you. Feel free to follow, message, or send some asks! I'd greatly appreciate it! :3c

ೀ 𝒱alentine ੭ ˚𓂃 ₊˚ · 14d

Hi hi !!My name is Valentine╱Noel !I'm looking for some beloved mutuals ♡ I love rentry making, horror, and J-fashion !

𝜗﹐     minato.      † · 15d

hi im minato or akira and i am looking for more mutuals ^^ i like making rentries/bundlrs and i promise i am very cool!!!

Rylie Cloud · 15d

um, not sure if i'm doin' this right or not....pretty new to this middle aged so most of you are probably way younger and wont wanna follow back but if you wanna drop in and leave me a question i will answer...hope all is well with each and everyone of you !!

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