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they/she ⊹ 21
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scaredy cat · 4mo

Hii!! I was wondering if I'm allowed to do comms using your designs with some minor changes to them! 🥹

scaredy cat · 5mo

Fortnitre FortnitreFortnitreFortnitreFortnitreFortnitreFortnitreFortnitre

scaredy cat · 8mo

can you ignore that pannchoa post please? i think that post was made by sojang as she’s targeting enha. i know it’s so silly actually but we really don’t need to blow it up.

scaredy cat · 9mo

is your carrd allowed to have a remake?

yesss ofc sorry for the late reply omg... just dont make tutorials of my pro carrds :3 or non-pro versions of them

scaredy cat · 10mo

young multi nie wiem

scaredy cat · 10mo

you think that you as a woman calling another woman a bitch is better than when a man would say that. youre pathetic i hope one day you will learn how disgusting that is to say that

scaredy cat · 10mo

beomgyu is such a cutie patootie i #get u.. him in 'back for more' though 😵‍💫

not to sound like an anti but i need beomgyu GONE! i keep rewatching the mv and i feel like i'm going insane..?! he just exists and that makes me unstable so he needs to STOP!

scaredy cat · 10mo

youre seriously disgusting for calling another woman a bitch. most normal they them idiot

okay, after much thought i do agree that it was not best choice of word considering taylor's past and public image, but i never used that word taking gender into consideration. this word, in my vocabulary, is not gendered whatsoever and me, a woman, using that word doesn't mean the same thing when a man uses it, therefore i won't stop using it! thank you very much

scaredy cat · 10mo

stop calling women bitches you ugly miaogynist

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