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Dominique · 4 answers · 9mo

Kalau lagi sedih mending ngapain

ME TIME!! mam enak & treat yourself something good or just cryyy & sleep it off ;__;

Mici! · 9 answers · 9mo

Tell me your currently repeated song!

click like-nya swf!! tbh lagi jarang dengerin satu lagu berulang ulang gitu setelah kemaren full setlist nicole on repeat 😭

Mici! · 11mo

Mind to tell me what’s your favorite movie? Your top #1!

forever will be Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🔮✨

Maeve. · 11mo

UEE😭🥺 💧 Eu 💧 💧 E E😭🥺😭UUUUE😭🥺 💧 🥺😭🥺💧 ue 🥺e e e😭. e 💧 🥺 Uueuue. 💧 💧 ue 😭🥺 eee eUEE 💧🥺💧 EEE 💧 💧😭EE H 💧 🥺😭E EUU 💧 🥺😭 💧😭EUEH🥺😭💧💧eu eeeeeee💧 💧 💧 uu🥺😭 hhuUEEE🥺😭 💧 uuuue. 💧 😭ueeeeee 💧🥺😭

jangan nangis disini please soalnya aku nggak minat ngelap air mata kamu 🥺💧🥺🥺💧😭🥺💧

flower buds · 11mo

Ashel, udah damai sama masa lalunya?

udah yaaa 😂 i'm over it already and finally able to find my peace again. the scar's still there though but it's fine and i think it's pretty normal? i'm doing good right now, dw ❤️‍🩹

flower buds · 1y

sayang lagi apa

flower buds · 1y

Do you set your eyes on someone these days?

Dominique · 1y

Hari ini udah senyum belum? :D

Dominique · 1y

Akhir-akhir ini lagi suka lagu apa?

Emmeline · 1y

top 3 movies dong, mau tau kesukaan kamu!

harry potter series (esp the philosopher's stone!!), before sunrise, and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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