Adult artist - Queer - He/They - 1994

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Anon asked about 14 hours ago

Have you thought about egg trading with Sir Benedict and Florentine? Like one laying directly into the other?

You're in luck, because I have been thinking about it obsessively. You're out of luck in that I haven't had the time to draw it 😭

Meanwhile I'll keep thinking about Sir Benedict on top of Florentine, rubbing their cloacas against each other, eventually saying he is close and Florentine begging him to do it. Sir Benny's eggs are gonna be so much for that needy little twink, he's gonna look so pregnant 🥵

Anon asked 2 days ago

Omg it would be so good if the Bug Wizard filled sweet lil Florentine with eggs and parasites, and under the control of the parasite, Florentine uses his prolapsed cloaca to fuck Sir Benny and pumps him full too, spreading the parasites into his dear master <3

Brilliant, AMAZING! ✨ I love this, I love the precious, impressionable Florentine completely falling under the parasites control and spreading them further. Thank you for the food 🙏

Anon asked 2 days ago

I'm somewhat new here so I feel like I might be missing some context but- who's the Farmer?

Oh that's fun, welcome!! You might be in for some good time.

Farmer is my Stardew Valley character from when I played the game in 2016 and kept having horny thoughts through out. Lot of monster and bug fucking and other kinks I post fairly regularly. He's basically a self-insert and I still like to draw him from time to time.

Here's the thread (from bottom up, because there's some mis-threading in the middle). Some of it isn't CW'd or censored so be careful 😅

Anon asked 2 days ago

OMGG id love to see a farmer cameo !! i remember him and miss him :3 i think itd be nice to check up on bro hehe

Anon asked 4 days ago

Bug Wizard.

oooo so many

First of all, I could do a neat Farmer cameo in the wizard's lair 😆

The bug wizard would definitely have the same plans for Sir Benny as Corvus and just use him for breeding since he is practically a perfect vessel for that. With so many breedable holes, he could breed different bugs at the same time! Based on the previous comic I did, he'd definitely be into it despite claiming he hates it.

Ooo, the wizard might do a dirty and fill Sir Benny with bug eggs and set him free. When the bugs hatch Sir Benny would accidentally spread them all over the land... 👀 Like a ticking time bomb of bug eggs 😆

Anon asked 3 days ago

You do prolapse porn sooooOOOO GOOD 🫠

thank you 🙏✨ I have been trying to get better at it for years, feels like it's really starting to pay off now

Anon asked 5 days ago

Very big brain moment here:
Bug fucking? Good. Bug breeding? Good. Ear fucking? Good. But what about bug ear fucking with breeding??

Anon asked 6 days ago

I absolutely LOVE it when you draw bug porn. You make it look sooo hot 😍

thank you ☺️🥰 bug porn is so much fun, if only I didn't have dozens of juicy kinks to draw I'd probably indulge with it more 😅

Anon asked 7 days ago

Bug titfucking was so hot you’re unleashing something in me I think 😳 can’t wait to see more!!

You're welcome 😉✨ Can't promise more bug titfucking soon since Sir Benny is pulling me all over, but at the very least there's more Sir Benny in the works 👍

Anon asked 19 days ago

hhgghhhrrngn, I need whore knight Benedict So BADLY 👁👁 The shame of the kingdom, ever chasing pleasure over dignity.
In this hypothetical, how much would our Benny boy enjoy himself if he went from "witch hunter knight" to "knight breeder"? 👀

I have been sitting on this ask for days now, because I kind of want to draw this AU in some way 👀 Anyway, the short answer is, he would enjoy it greatly, probably even requesting more people to fuck him and maybe half-jokingly to bring in the king's warhorses since he's so loose even two humans wouldn't be enough to fill him how he would like.
The king's army would surely be happy to have someone eager to be giving birth to new soldiers and the soldiers would be happy to have someone to fuck whenever they want.

Anon asked 8 days ago

Thoughts on men with udders replacing their dicks? I find the growing need for release with the only relief being a big stong hand to pull on your floppy leaky teats uh very interesting

Honestly, this seems like a kink that I'd buy into with a shoddy packaging and half-arsed marketing by this point 😂 I saw some art few years back where a guy had a penis and udders on his testicles and we kinda laughed at that with my classmate, but it'd be so in brand for me to develop a kink out of it some time later.

Anon asked 8 days ago

Some people insist that porn has to be realistic (and I agree theres a place for ‘authentic’ smut) but I LOVE how you understand that its a fantasy!! You’re not constrained by realism!!!! /gen

Thank you! Always been told that porn is a fantasy and no one should take lessons from porn, so might as well go hog-wild with it :)))

Anon asked 8 days ago

Sir benny bug fuck, but they fuckin his tits??????? Idek man its hot as fuckk

Anon asked 8 days ago

I know you’re not really drawing that much bugfucking content recently bc of Sir Benny (which I love btw) but I have to recommend you check out Murahachiro’s content on rule34 because it is truly a Gold Mine of bug fucking and birthing <333

Aren't you gonna be happy to hear that Sir Benny ain't immune to bug fucking 👀

Anon asked 9 days ago

Oh my GOD YES that Benedict anal vore(?) is SO fucking good, you do fantastic work of shoving people up other people's asses and GOD I adore how much of an eager slut to corrupt themselves Florentine is (and holy shit the nipple fucking and hyper cum comics??? SO many good kinks and setups with those two oh my GOD)

Hehe thank you :))) Florentine's inexperience and eagerness really might be his downfall someday, but I do love that about the little twink.

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