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Anonymous Devil · 6mo

will preorders be extended to reach more of the stretch goals?

We are aiming to have orders shipped before 2024 so any extensions will be limited, however, keep an eye on our socials for more info : ) There might just be a special announcement soon!

Anonymous Devil · 6mo

Hiya are we getting close to the next stretch goals?

Hello! We are only 5 orders away from our next stretch goal! Make sure to let every Pochi-lover you know about it~

Anonymous Devil · 7mo

How big is the tote bag?

Anonymous Devil · 12mo

Hello! Are there any updates on the zine? It still says contributor apps on the carrd

Hello! Apologies for the delay, we've updated the carrd! We are planning on releasing the results within the next day!

Anonymous Devil · 1y

Hi! Have the guidelines been updated yet? I noticed that the “Guidelines” section of the Google Doc still says TBA

Our Guidelines have been updated a few days ago, which can be found here! Please let us know if you are unable to access the requirements!

Anonymous Devil · 1y

If as a minor you're fine with participating without receiving profit, would you be able to apply?


We will be sending out contributor bundles if sales go well. To do so we would collect personal information including names & addresses, and do not feel comfortable collecting personal information for minors due to safety concerns.

We also would not be comfortable selling someone's work for no compensation at all. Thank you so much for your interest and we hope to see you in a few years!!

Anonymous Devil · 1y

could i ask why minors cant participate as contributors?

As we a for-profit project, we do require access to a Paypal under your own name to receive payment! We're sorry for the inconvenience, as there are plenty of artists who are under 18 that we admire.

However, if you will be 18 by June 15th, 2023, it is possible to apply as a contributor with a special note letting I know your circumstances!

Thank you for reaching out!!

Anonymous Devil · 1y

can i still apply if i’m turning 18 two months after the contributor applications or do i have to be EXACTLY 18 at the time of application?


If you will be turning 18 by June 15th, 2023, it is possible to apply to join the project as a contributor! However, we will be conducting payout by Paypal, so please ensure that you create one to receive payment after you turn 18.

Please also let us know in your application under the comments section if you will be turning 18 during the creation phase and before the cutoff date of June 15th! No specific dates are required to be communicated, so feel free to just write a quick "I will be turning 18 before June 15th, 2023"!

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Anonymous Devil · 1y

Will other characters be included in the merch box or is it just pochita exclusively?

Hello! The merch box does revolve around Pochita, but merch artists are allowed to include any sort of character within their designs as long as Pochita is featured!

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