Anonymous Coward asked 11 months ago

Not sure if you're aware, but SLARPG has all the default RPG Maker assets sitting unused in its files, which adds up to around 100MB taken up by stuff that isn't even part of the game.
(Also another more minor thing: for some reason the entire data for the current map is written to the save file, even though it doesn't seem to do anything when the save file is loaded, since editing it doesn't have any effect. This has a negligible storage space cost but just struck me as odd)

i'm aware. the default rpg maker files are present in the files because i have to export it with the rpg maker rtp in order for it to run at all. there are ways to work around this and remove the unused assets bundled with the rtp, but i would have to go through this process every single time i export the game, and given vx ace's propensity for crashing when a file is missing i personally don't think it's worth the risk in case something in there is a load bearing png. i know it's wasted space, but the game is only like half a gig

the save files storing the map data is also a known thing. if it's not default vx ace behavior then i believe it's something that the effectus third party script does, and said script is the only thing ensuring the game runs at 60fps

believe me when i say you don't need to dig through the game's files to tell me what's in there. i know you don't mean any harm but this just comes off as backseat developer-ing

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