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sexy ghost asked 16 days ago

I would def subscribe to your patreon if you merged/lowered the price!! as much as I’d love to support I just can’t afford $11.50 a month as a broke ass college student :’))

no that’s totally reasonable!! im currently planning my way of reducing the price actually:) gonna take a little while tho but my plan is to make one singular tier with all benefits

sexy ghost asked 22 days ago

Id love to draw them but what about cosplay them?

I’ll be so honest if you cosplay them I don’t know what I would do. Cry. Scream. Die, even… I’d kiss you on the mouth so hard

sexy ghost asked 22 days ago

How tall is Louis?

my man is actually 178 i just babygirlify him so much so he looks small and petit

sexy ghost asked 25 days ago

Does Louis die? :(

i haven’t gotten that far with the lore so his death date or way of passing isn’t set in stone… but no he does not live to be old </3 he should be grateful that he doesn’t have to witness himself graying

sexy ghost asked 26 days ago

Have you considered Louis being stuck in a hole in the wall of the bastille that was blasted there with a small cannonball (idk anything about how historically accurate that would be) and some people storming it finding him butt up, while his upper body just is hanging out outside? He'd have a nice view pf the revolution while the revolutionaries have a view of...well...something else.

this is basically my short comic of Louis with his ass out in the guillotine 🤭🤭🤭

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

Louis’ reaction to ruffians or thieves or p,,pirates (I KNOW IT ISNT ERA APPROPRIATE BUT IM CURIOUS) breaking into his bedroom while he’s in his pyjamas? :O

let’s just say he’d do anything for them to spare his life :3

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

Not to be annoyingly delusional with someone else's ocs but now that I know Louis' (deliciously low) opinion of Americans I am now fixating on an au where he meets a Cowboy who flirts with him in heavily accented french. I am so sorry for being delusional

no omg tell me more… tell me abt their language barrier.. it’s so sex..y..

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

RE: fanart question, for the writers in the crowd, would we be allowed to write fics of your folks? I know that can be a lot more personal than art

i would love to read any interpretation of Louis ( or other characters of mine ) like you have no idea… id be laying there kicking my feet in the air and twirling my hair

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

Are we allowed to draw fanart of your ocs

YES OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS A QUESTION i will print it out and tape it to my wall!!!!!!!

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

Would Louis ever visit the (13??ish) States or does he find that frontier too cringe? What does he think of Canada or the Island colonies of France?

honestly he would never want to leave europe because he’s too comfortable staying in places he already knows. he finds traveling exhausting, and he wouldn’t be able to communicate with the people of said countries without a translator…
in modern times louis would hate the way Canadians have butchered the French language so he basically sees them as idiots (as a Belgian he shouldn’t fucking speak lmfao)

sexy ghost asked 27 days ago

unravels long list of questions Does Louis speak english well? How many languages does he speak? Does he speak Spanish? What does he think of the USA?

Oh no no, his English is the WORST. he thinks it’s ugly and unnecessary, he already knows 3 languages (fluent in french and dutch, knows a bit of German) and he finds the English language unnecessarily difficult. his accent is THICK and BAD!!!
no, he does not speak Spanish but since it’s a Romance language like French, he would understand a little bit…
he does not have an opinion on the United States because he couldn’t care less about them LMAO

sexy ghost asked 3 months ago

does louis survive the French Revolution?

depends if he’s willing to pop his bussy publicly or not (im kidding uh the answer is — gets beheaded

sexy ghost asked 6 months ago

your art makes my bisexual heart melt, so how are you so lovely and perfect and sexy and pretty and kissable and huggable?

as a fellow bisexual i can only say that i know what every other bisexual wants 🥺 now kiss me 🥴

sexy ghost asked 6 months ago

you should read a gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue it’s basically about slutty noblemen. every time I read it I think of louis

omg if that’s the case then i definitely will !!! im so happy to hear my son is in your thoughts 🥴

sexy ghost asked 10 months ago

If you broke his preference down into percentages, to what extend does Louis enjoy love making vs getting fucked?

totally depends on his mood buuuuut generally maybeee 60/40?

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