Eternity's Queendom: Raidens Zine

A for-profit Genshin x Honkai zine focused on Raiden Ei, and Raiden Mei!

Arc City
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Anonymous Traveller · 1y

hi! will this zine be digital or physical? i found conflicting information about it, so i am not sure ;_;

Hello! Apologies for the delayed response. Currently, we are proceeding with this zine as a digital project but will be running an Interest Check before Preorders to see if customers are interested in a physical version. If we receive enough interest, we will sell a print version!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

hi! were the contributor results emails already sent? i didn't receive anything

Hi! Results were just sent out. Please check your inbox and let us know if you haven't received anything yet. Thank you!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

When exactly are the contributer results coming out 👀 has there been a delay?

Hello! Results have just been sent out. There were some issues with the mailing system that we wanted to resolve before sending out the emails. Everything should be in order now, so thank you for your patience!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

Hi! :) This might be a dumb question but what exactly is the difference between the portfolio and the three individual samples? They sound the same to me, except that the portfolio contains more pieces.

Hi there! The three samples would be individual pieces that you believe best showcase your work and your style. These are the pieces that the mods would refer to first during the review process, while the portfolio is meant to showcase your overall skill and ability, which would be given a less priority compared to your samples.

For example, artworks related to Raiden Ei and/or Raiden Mei would be best to showcase in your samples, while a nice background-focused artwork with other characters might be better fit for your portfolio. Hope this helps!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

is angst allowed 🤔

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

Hello! In the application it asks for your social medias, does this mean that follower count will be regarded in anyway (even a bit of bias) when it comes to the success of the application?

Hi there! When we ask for social medias, it's so that we have an alternate form of contact in case the emails don't send, and so we can follow the contributors' accounts once they've been accepted! The follower count will not be regarded in any way during the selection process, and will certainly not be a factor affecting the success of an application!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

hi! how many artists/writers will the zine have as a whole?

Hello! At the moment, we are looking to have 30 contributors in total (15 page artists, 5 merch artists, and 4 writers, including guests). These are, however, tentative numbers that may change if we receive a higher volume of applications over the next few days!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

For merch artists, why are there only options to select digital merch and not physical merch (if its a physical product?)

Hello! At the moment, this zine will proceed digitally due to lack of customer interest. However, in the future, if we receive more audience attention then we may consider having the zine itself printed physically. In any case, our merchandise will remain digital, hence the absence of physical merch in the options. Hope this clarifies your doubts!

Anonymous Traveller · 1y

hihi !! is there an age requirement to apply?

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