a smol peach fairy existing inside of your computer. modding addict, amateur coder, hobby sewist, idol enjoyer.

inside your computer!
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Anon-chan · 12h

the first song being koi☆kana by kusumi koharu is a SERVE I love it!!! (from the newest release I mean >w<) THANK YOU ANON I AM NOW A yumeHolic stan :D

Anon-chan · 1d

Does your husband call you mana? Or do you have separate irl nicknames that you don't share online?

the latter. we very rarely call each other by our irl names though it’s usually lovey-dovey nicknames like sugar pea, cutie, things like that x3

~lucidiot · 8 answers · 2d

What is the last dream that you remember?

I had a dream yesterday during my nap that I was trapped underground in a spider colony and lots of scary/creepy stuff was happening D: (I am terrified of arachnids)

Anon-chan · 1d

How is your five years plan going along?

babe, I don't even plan five days ahead; how could I possibly have a five-year plan

Anon-chan · 3d

What do you think about the practice of siesta?

i think we should all have mandated nap time every day. maybe you’re not a napper and you just chill out and read or smth during that time but i think mandated nap time is gud

Anon-chan · 3d

when you come back home does your husband say "you must construct additional pylons!!!"

no he usually says “omg mana’s home!!! i missed you sugar pea!” and then i get a big hug :3

Anon-chan · 3d

when you leave the house does your husband say "oh no I'm running out of mana!!!"

Anon-chan · 3d

What would you say about an answer reveal party? I send you a bunch of Retrospring questions as usual, but the next day I invite friends over for a silly little party where I ceremoniously read your answers out. Well, I don't really have many friends so I will just read them out to my plushies and eat snacks or something. Is it a good idea?

if it will bring you joy then i support it, as long as you’re not detonating enough tannerite to cause an earthquake or blowing up a forest; which your described activities don’t sound like that, then it should be fine!! what kind of snacks? :O sounds fun!!

Anon-chan · 3d

Do you sing while doing household chores or taking a shower?

yes ofc >w< sometimes I just sing sitting around playing games it just depends x3

Anon-chan · 4d

Astolfo or Felix?

Anon-chan · 4d

Have you heard the new yumeHolic release yet?

Anon-chan · 4d

Do you like to sing?

i do; i miss it a lot! i was in choir in school and singing has always kind of been a comfort thing for me

Dogboy2709 · 5 answers · 4d

I don't usually send ask alls like this, but I just learned that a guy in Texas changed his name to literally "Literally Anybody Else" and is running for president. Apparently he's doing this stunt to send a message of dissatisfaction between the main choice of candidates. What do you think about this?

Anon-chan · 4d

Why do people do gender reveals? Why does it matter?

Anon-chan · 5d

Do you wear jewellery that you made yourself?

I do! I bought a bunch of cute plastic beads awhile back and have made a bunch of bracelets and some earrings >w<

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