People don't like me because I'm better than them.
Childe's No1 Fan. Block = I own you.
@Reze Gummy

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銆Sorry, I'm mewing! 馃槄


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鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 4mo

oh nvm ur the childe person Ok

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 7h

HKAU (owner of sntry/bundlrs/stellular) IS A ZIONIST. A DOC ABOUT HIM WILL BE RELEASING SOON.

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 1d

genuine questiojn are you not tired of these chronically online trolls constantly calling U a terf 馃槶馃槶

Words tend to lose meaning once they are used for no reason.. The people calling me a terf are mad at me for some reason and like to make up stuff abt me to feel better about themselves

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 1d

hi to explain what other anon means someone on here (@/koa_) funds israel by buying starbucks and also yumes childe so people are accusing you of sending anons bullying her for it

??))/拢/拢/拢/ 馃槶馃槶馃槶 People can't get me out of their mouths wtf

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 1d

bro why are you sending your lil minions after Zombz like it just a fic character like leave them alone. they didn't even do anything, so what is childe is in their bio like he's fic you're just being immature

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QOTD 鈥 What's your favourite ship dynamic?
Follow everyone who responds! Let's gain more mutuals & spread positivity 鈾

reze 2 answers 1d

thank you to whoever hacked me for the free rentry template!!! very kind of u ^,^

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 1d
鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 2d

radfems are either terfs or enable terfs and that is basically the same as being a terf so

Mirabelle 饟嵂2d

THE TERF ALLEGATIONS ARE CRAZY??? i dont even know u for real but its obvi ur not a terf im crying

PEOPLE ALWAYS LIE ABT ME BRUH theyre mad bc they dont have anything to say 馃槶馃槶

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 2d

we don't care about a terfs opinions on fiction we already know y'all lack brain cells shut up

Again, im not a terf, ur confusing me with someone else :3 Come off anon and have a real conversation with me

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 2d

terfs shouldnt speak on fictional discourse. you have bigger things to worry about like your hatred for women having rights

?!?!?! I'm not a terf lol im literally an intersex woman.. Think u have me confused for someone else anon 馃槶馃槶馃槶

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 10d

how did you become/find out you were intersex? sorry if this is rude

I pre ordered it! I don't recomend getting it now though I'd suggest u wait for the sequel Intersex 2

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 9d

Childemaxxing oomf

鈾 Dick Rider 鈾 路 10d

Personally my favorite Ajax ship is Zhongchi, but I think Chiluc and Chiscara are cute too. Chiaether as well, Chilumi is strange even if Childe is insanely bisexual

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