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A curious cat asked about 1 month ago

please let us change the font back

Font changes always are a bit drastic, there's no way for us to "ease" them in.

We are currently looking at feedback from users to see in a few days if it is overwhelmingly negative or if people are growing adjusted to it. If most people dislike it, or there is another concern regarding the font, we will look into adjustments.

Steffo asked about 1 month ago

Why purple (#5e32b3)?

No specific reason other than purple being a cool color!

A curious cat asked about 1 month ago

what is a retrospring "list"

You can group people together into a timeline to see their answers on your homepage instead of the people you are following or the public feed of everyone on Retrospring.

🐍Yua🐍 asked about 2 months ago

Can I answer a question using an image? Or do I have to upload it to imgur or smth similar and paste the link?

Oh, sorry for the late response, but yes, we do not support image uploads at the moment, so your proposed way is the workaround for now.

inhahe asked 3 months ago

Lately some notifications of comments don't show a link to the answer the comment is on, but rather to the author of the answer. I think it may always be the first notification in the list. Here's a screenshot:

Sorry for the late reply on this, but we actually rolled out a fix for that just now!

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

Why am I repeatedly receiving "an error occurred" message whenever I try to send my ask. There is no other detail given or error code. No information whatsoever, and there's no FAQ for errors on this site.

Hmm, the only error coming to mind for this might be that your question is too long. The maximum length we allow at the moment is 512 characters.

We are working on giving more feedback on the length and making the error message more clear.

mya asked 4 months ago

hii!~ question here: will you ever try to make a retrospring app on app store & google play? it would be amazing to get notifications on new questions in your inbox! but i understand it's not that easy thing to do! also i wanted to say that i love retrospring! the fact that we can make our profiles look pretty is amazing! thank you

An app might still take a while to get done (read about that here) and notifications are in progress already! (another answer)

Autistic Pride 666 asked 4 months ago

will this site ever get VIP for users like on Askfm and I think similarworlds?

What does VIP status mean on Is it just a vanity-thing for long term users or are there features bound to it?

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

Hey, love the site! Just a little suggestion: it's a bit confusing to have the smiley face turn into a frowny face after you like a post because having a frowny face with a number next to it makes it look like that many people disliked the post. I think turning it green is enough to indicate that you clicked on it. Maybe the frowny face could be a <1-second animation when you click to undo a like, not the end-state for after you have liked a post.

First of all, glad to hear you love the site!

And yeah, we've had this feedback for a while now and thought about how to approach this. Your suggestion makes sense, and that probably is what we will implement at some point (there's just a few more important things at the moment).

I can speak out of the "design" or "experience" idea around why the choice was made initially, and that simply comes from it being a mixture of it signaling you smiled something already (it's green) but the frowning face denotes the next action that is happening on the click of the button. Probably was a bit more thinking into it than necessary [...]

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faho asked 4 months ago

Did y'all get a new logo or is my memory ... what was I saying?

Nope, we had this one for years, it's just not really present on the website!

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

Not sure if the code allows it, but I think it would be helpful to have an "upload image" function, for both the asker and the answerer

It wouldn't be much of a problem to add it, just thinking about the code, but there are other considerations to be made here:

The cost: Our current hosting bill is relatively small and with only profile picture and header uploads it stays quite low as well. Having a lot of image uploads might cause the costs to skyrocket.

Moderation: People are horrible. That's just how it is. And if people are able to post images, they will upload the worst things possible at some point. And we want to have things prepared that people are not constantly confronted stuff they might not want to see.

We're still working on improving a [...]

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A curious cat asked 4 months ago

your site is so amazing thank you so much!!

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

When will we finally have retrosummer smh

You can always upload a beach/palm tree header and create a summer-like theme for your profile, and the Retrosummer will be just there!

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

i love that site sm!! <3

A curious cat asked 4 months ago

is there any sorta source for this, would love to work on something like this

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