roman 馃崏

im roman [they/he/she]

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ask me anything lol


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roman 馃崏 asked 7 days ago 路 4 answers

hey just a reminder that radfems, t(w)erfs and swerfs can all fuck off my account please

roman 馃崏 asked 16 days ago


馃挔 鈥斺 something about myself
馃 鈥斺 something about my interests
馃寠 鈥斺 a quote
馃拵 鈥斺 random thoughts
馃攳 鈥斺 roman-coded characters (not really kins outside of a few)

roman 馃崏 asked 3 months ago

about me

roman 馃崏 asked 26 days ago 路 5 answers

(just in case something like this happens in the future)
tw/cw for mentions of su隆c隆de and self-h#rm

genuinely hoping none of you guys are posting sui notes or anything about you h#rming yourselves here. i don't want any of this happening in fucking retrospring aka a website literally anyone can look at. i genuinely hope you guys are okay btw it's just that this isn't the place to talk about it + you can vent to someone somewhere else where no one else can read your vents

again, this is here just in case something like this happens sometime in the future. i'm already worried some of the people i've met online are even alive because of this and i want to prevent things like that from happening again

roman 馃崏 asked 29 days ago 路 6 answers

my name is not uvo btw

context: uvo is a really old name i used back in early 2021 and i dont want to associate myself with that time anymore,, anyways hi

Waf asked about 3 hours ago 路 1 answer

Remember: You are to lazy to put the sobbing emoji so just type :sobs: instead

藲 岱 鉅鉅 饟彶 鉅 鉅Rami銆 鉅鉅饟們 asked about 12 hours ago 路 17 answers

藲鉅 饟彶饾劉鉅 Question
鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅 Of The Day.釔熲爛 饟們
鉂漌hat's Something That
鉅 Changed Your Life.釔b潪

eateot, lost media cartoons, vh and jp obviously, probably some more that i forgot

the f00fy one asked about 9 hours ago 路 12 answers

Have you ever used The Internet Archive ( or its WayBack Machine? If so, what's your favorite thing that you've discovered there?

(If you haven't used it, I recommend taking a visit now and browsing around a bit, it's my favorite site on the Internet)

鈱 .鈧娾爛鈥 kory 鈥 rey 鈥 鈳 asked about 8 hours ago 路 2 answers

hey retrospring freaks how yall days going

鈱 .鈧娾爛鈥 kory 鈥 rey 鈥 鈳 asked about 6 hours ago 路 5 answers

i want everyone who sees this to tell me the craziest true story/experience theyve went through

the bfdi wiki. even back when i was still lurking on it it was fucking SCARY
i think i wouldve died on the spot if it wasnt for me in the object show fandom back then

馃寠 鈧 Sleet asked about 12 hours ago 路 26 answers

im ok with my more 'mainstream interests but im still worried about my 'niche' ones though. i stopped worrying about absolutely everything since 2023 but im hesitant to talk about niche-ish interests outside of friends and people who share these interests
also bold to assume i stopped worrying about being cringe despite cringe culture being dead. its just something ive internalized for a pretty long time and it took me so much courage to unlearn it and everything.

鉂 馃拵 鈧 鈥 鈥僫dol 銆 asked about 12 hours ago 路 7 answers

I think I鈥檓 gonna retheme today but before I do I鈥檓 gonna make my layout stupid as hell so get ready

asked about 16 hours ago 路 10 answers

Warm or cool colors?

Xavier asked about 16 hours ago 路 1 answer

// chat if i die one more time to undyne the undying what should i do (probably will cry)

pray man undyne the undying is hard af and it took me almost a week for me to beat her

the f00fy one asked 1 day ago 路 11 answers

What's your lost media "holy grail"? (Put more literally: what piece of lost media would you be most excited about if it were recovered?)

Arthur asked 1 day ago 路 10 answers

What was the last interesting thing you caught on camera?

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