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mini chuuya · 6mo

chuuya receiving a kiss from a puppy if you haven’t done that

mini chuuya · 7mo

i love your little chuuya doodles, they make everything better :)

ahh, thank you sm!! never thought people would love it this much when i started it back then. i hope it continues to make your days better :)

mini chuuya · 7mo

Chuuya in kigurumi corgi
Christmas Chuuya
Onigiri Chuuya
Doggo Chuuya
Mafia boss Chuuya
Oni Chuuya
Demonic Chuuya

😭❤️ thank you. should i do this for the next few days for my daily doodles?

mini chuuya · 7mo

What’s a character from Bungo stray dogs that everyone likes but you hate?

rather than hate, i'd say, “the character that everyone likes, but i haven't fully understood his character.” it's fyodor. he has a complex personality, and i haven't gotten to know him well enough to be that fond of him. that doesn't mean i hate him, no. he's an interesting character, and im more than pleased to have a deeper understanding of him. i wonder if there's any fyodor stan who would love to discuss about him with me one day

mini chuuya · 8mo

Ilysm and I hope you’re having a lovely day <3

NAURR, i just saw this. ily too, whoever sent this! may you have a pleasant day as well :)

mini chuuya · 8mo

myth by beach house :)

listened to this once i woke up earlier, and i loved it (especially the lyrics). thank you!

mini chuuya · 8mo

hope ur feeling okay— sometimes i like to imagine chuuya getting his cheeks squeezed as a happy thought

mini chuuya · 8mo

baby chuuya playing with a rubber ducky <3 (not a req, just a happy thought)

AHHHH, imagine him squeezing it with his tiny hands, before chewing it.. and.. and.. sobs..

mini chuuya · 8mo

tsujisig (tsujimura and sigma) please ♡

mini chuuya · 8mo

do you have any rare pairs?

mini chuuya · 9mo

fyolai as kuromi and my melody? ^_^

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