God gives mercy, Sheon doesn't.

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Tanya aja, udah jinak & engga gigit kok.


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An0nym · 22d

you love bombed me and now you left?

? Wym love bombed? Who are you? Kamu bukan seseorang yang kemarin deket sama aku, so engga usah ngadi-ngadi ya

An0nym · 22d

Hi Sheon, just saw your tweet yesterday and it seemed like you were sad. Are u okay? i hope you’re not feeling down for too long and don't forget to be happy, okay? ❤️

Hi! thanks for reaching out. I have been feeling a bit sad and had a rough couple of days, but I'm working on feeling better. I'm trying to focus on the positive things and find my happiness again. Your kind words help a lot. Thank you, sender!

An0nym · 25d

Sheon, where have you been? I miss you :(

An0nym · 2mo

Eon, aku boleh ga ya nge rent kamu? Pengen coba nge rent tapi malu 😭

Aria · 9 answers · 2mo

Aku penasaran, kamu kalo buka youtube suka nonton apa sih?

An0nym · 2mo

I love you, Sheon ❤

hafa :0 · 22 answers · 2mo

kalo pikiran kalian lagi berisik, kalian bakal lakuin apa biar pikirannya ga berisik lagi? u___u

𖹭 · 36 answers · 2mo

hal apa yang pernah bikin kamu sampe ngerasa sakit hati banget?

An0nym · 2mo

semangat selalu sheon

Thank you for cheering me up! I hope you also semangat terus & have a great day ya, Sender!

An0nym · 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

I'll take pintu kemana aja to make it easier for me to get to the place i want to go

Mileia K. ♡ · 8 answers · 2mo

kalian kalau naksir orang bakal diem aja atau ugal-ugalan biar dia tau?

ACTUALLY tim ugal-ugalan, tapi udah dikasih tau & dinasehatin temen kalo kurangin ugal-ugalannya

An0nym · 2mo

hi kak eyon, to be honest i've liked you for a long time... but it seems like now you're close to someone else, ya kak? :(

Hi sender, thank you for sharing your feelings & i appreciate your honesty! Maybe, i can say that I'm getting closer to someone now yaa!

hafa :0 · 23 answers · 2mo

kasian suka mie lidi gaaa? kalo suka, kalian suka yang rasa apa? :o

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