I tend to cherrypick what i answer but i read everything.. SORRY!

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Anonymous Worm · 12d

things will get better. i promise.

Anonymous Worm · 18d

i just bought one cute shark plushie. how should i name it?

Anonymous Worm · 14d

you are such a good boy

Anonymous Worm · 14d

drewy, just wanted to let you know, i really like your taste in music. sometimes i listen to the tracks/music groups you add to your profile. theyre always so good

Anonymous Worm · 2mo

what happend to ur kidneys... :((( kisses them better

Anonymous Worm · 1mo

if you dont know, of montreal is on tour right now and theyre playing TPIAGA during their encore. first time in 12? years or something

Anonymous Worm · 1mo

is mouseboy drew still alive. i liked him

Anonymous Worm · 1mo

not seen you in over a year, has anything changed?

Anonymous Worm · 2mo

when you say fallout do you mean the game, if so which one :O

yeah!! currently im into fallout 76 but i wanna play new vegas and fallout 4 afterwards

Anonymous Worm · 2mo

Are there any fun easter eggs for people who stay on the dead end link not found page on your website, or is the "it's best not to stay at a dead end for too long" thing just flavor text?

nah hahaha, ive thought about adding some though and probably will in the future. it's just "flavor text"

Anonymous Worm · 2mo

does blood magic in minecraft count...

Anonymous Worm · 2mo

what’s ur favorite brand of cigarettes? (unless u just smoke whatever)

i usually smoke newports but i dont Highly prefer them or anything. i have yet to smoke a cigarette thats actually noticeably superior to another type yet

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