autism crd ^__^
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requests for medias/flags/anything ok!!!


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anon · 7mo

omg u guys are slightly active im so so so happy welcome bak i miss u
also can u try to get more of them little white cat pixels on there? liek the ones that kinda look like them kaomojis?? ofc only if u can bc ive been looking for more

I can't really update the Carrd because my laptops broken, I find most of those off of Tumblr though! Just look up "Toro Inoue pixel" :)

anon · 9mo

can u add some naruto (or any anime related stuff)? or say if u have a site where u use to make those? would be very nice ^^

anon · 10mo

hii,, wondering how you cn make stamps!

anon · 1y

did u have bloodborne stamps at some point?? if so could u add them pls

If you look up "bloodborne stamp deviant art" it usually comes up with a lot. Can switch it with any other media you want stamps for. Haven't been updating the Carrd a lot because I don't have a laptop anymore sorry. -🎀

anon · 1y

u guys had a yotsuba pixel i think and now its gone :( can it be added back i cant find any more i need yotsuba pixels

anon · 1y

hiii :o im not sure if u took it off or anything but i thiiink there was a spinning donald duck pixel u had >_< i really loved that one

anon · 1y

could you pls bring back the madoka magica pixels ?

I added back the tiny ones but didn't get enough time for the larger ones, sorry!! -🎀

anon · 1y

hii you had these two rlly cute len + rin chibi pixels and i cannot find them ANYWHERE! idk if you still have them but i'd love for them to be back :3 also a pansexual flag pleasseee

I get a lot of reqs like this – You can go to the web archive for autism crd and save there, then dm it to someone on discord & use the url like that! I can't really add pixels because my laptop broke sorry :( -🎀

anon · 1y

where do u find the pride pixels??

I actually make them! I save the flag & resize it to 20x20, hope this helps :) (It's a lot easier to do on PC) -🎀

anon · 1y

can you please add back that yotsuba gif :D?

Hi yes, apologies but my laptop broke so it's hard for me to update stuff!! I've been trying but I only have my iPad as of rn T_T so it'll take a bit but I'll try to get to all the reqs soon :) -🎀

anon · 1y

idk what pixels i was using on my rentry but now they're gone and i'm a bit sad :(, ik one was a little blush and one was a vanity but that's it

anon · 1y

could u try add yhe bfdi and puyo stamps back?? ty ^.^

anon · 1y

can u plsplsplsplsplspl add back more homestuck things.. of anything !!!!!!!!! 🥹🥹🥹 /nf

anon · 1y

can you add the black bow that’s a divider please :( thank you if you can!!

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