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Ask me questions about my lore/AUs/headcanons/send me YT links to ridiculous TASes

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Ask me questions about my lore perhaps?


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Kaede asked 6 months ago


There's no real definitive end to the game, but since the cost to buy a building increases the more of that building you own there's a certain point where the cost gets so high the game can't process it and registers the cost as infinity cookies. If you consider that on all buildings + getting all upgrades and achievements to be the end of the game, then I am nowhere near close.

sonne asked 6 months ago

what IS your lore?

How much time do you have?

For a general overview, there's three universes in my lore. These are:

  • Mithraia, my first and main world. Future!Mithraia is technically a separate timeline from the original Mithraia, but it's virtually identical until you get to the point where the original timeline ends. Future!Mithraia contains the Nephilim universe too, as well as some characters of mine from neither. Mithraia the universe is not to be confused with Mithraia the planet, the center of Mithraia the universe.
  • Nephilim is, admittedly, the A2 universe from Homestuck but in the future (specifically 1,775 years after when SGRUB [...]

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