u can have whaterver u want idgaf about rentry ive #matured

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`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 7 months ago

sorey for stalking BUT holy guacamole ur retro spring is so funny….. like. sure you can spam “die already” in my inbox but anon said “i love u, stranger. i hope ur fine. if anyone tells u to kys or steals ur identity or rentry or WHATEVER.. i just hope you know that i’m rooting for you fully, esp when no one was rooting for me” 😭😭 /silly

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 8 months ago

aw ily anon ☹️☹️ i am genuinely so so so so so so so so sososoos sorry that people are saying those things you don’t deserve that at all

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 9 months ago

hii would you be willing to give away /tneu?

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 9 months ago

hihi !!!! could i have /comets , /cutests or /shimmer ?

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 9 months ago

yelllo ! could i have /--_-- ?

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 9 months ago

haii could i get /friiiy ?

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 10 months ago

ur retrospring is basically fucking unreadable i cant see shit.. nd the banner.. its just straight up ugly im sorry like

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 11 months ago

hi! is /comets up for trade && where can i contact u ? ^_^

yes it ’ s up for trade ! you can contact me at my discord (( xena#0707 )) or my twitter (( @frilliests )) ♡

reze asked 11 months ago

hii ^_^ is shibuya109 uft? or -aoimukou?

Avi asked 11 months ago


`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 12 months ago

ill now add u on there ! ♡ srry for late reply T_T

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked 12 months ago

hihi i was wondering is rentry.co/cake-mix for trade ノ give away ? its v cute and i would ♡ to own it . . . i can tell you my discord if needed ^_^

hii yes it is !!!! my discord is xena#0707 , you can contact me there :3

Avi asked 12 months ago

prev anon is too scared to go off anon aha . . if ur gonna be mean say it to my face

`(* >﹏<*)′ asked about 1 year ago


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