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what are all your ocs names? How would you recommend coming up with name ideas bc i love their names 🥺

me and my wife (@ aprimint on twitter) made these OCs about 10 years ago.... they were homestuck fantrolls, so we made up their names based on symbols we chose for them by twisting words and scouring wikipedia for fun words/names to use!

Fordic (had the sign of earth/tellus, his name comes from a festival of earth called fordicidia or whatever)
Cuvier (from the latin name of tiger shark (and many other animals, but tigershark was the source for him, as his lusus was a shark. if you don't know what a lusus is, don't worry about it.))
Pallas (from.. just, pallas)
Nuptus (from.. something something neptune)

These are the main ones I draw! There's also Crest, but he's solely my wife's own OC, unrelated to the OCs we made together. If you have questions about him, ask apri about it!

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