anon asked 4 months ago

bonjour! I just wanted to ask out of curiosity if you’ve ever thought of releasing one drawing of your choosing publicly from your Patreon. I’ve seen quite a few artist do this and wanted to know if you have or you just choose not to. Anywhoooo, have a good day/night!! 💗💗

i mean, everything i draw goes on my patreon, and i do post art publicly too, so technically those are pieces from my patreon..? i usually also post first on patreon and later in public (the time varies, sometimes it's within the same day, sometimes it's weeks or months later)

the patreon-only stuff is often doodles, sketches and rarely paintings.. most sketches/doodles i won't ever post outside of patreon, but for example, the other year i did a christmas painting on patreon, and then a year later, last christmas, i posted it in public :3 so yeah i do do that, it's just kinda random!

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