Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

i love hearing your thoughts, esp wrt to writing and relationships, they feel very original + unmoved by "popular" stances, i like how you retain yourself in what i see as a, hostile? world... i hope you see that as complimentary hahaha. do you consider yourself having any inspiration(s) for writing? if so, what/who?

Thanks anon :) That's a really sweet way of putting it. I just say/write things that I feel like ring true for me. Not always advisable in real life ofc :p but it sure is fun and funny.

Usually when writing fic the source material is where the inspo comes from. I'm a big shipper, I love pairings that draw out and reinforce one another's intrinsic qualities, for better or worse. Fitting songs help too of course, ha ha. I've already said this a lot, but I really liked "Schoolgirl" by Osamu Dazai and 80s nuclear apocalypse TV movies (Threads, Special Bulletin, Testament, When the Wind Blows). I love the way they can extract so much pathos that the ending, as advertised by the tagline, will inevitably crush. The struggle and the emotions still feel so meaningful - and feed into a message that ultimately is meant to inspire hope and a feeling of 'reassurance'; that your fears really are founded and you're not wrong for being disturbed or scared - even though from the first second you already expect the worst to happen. Amazing stuff!! (Of course I also tell you to read about US/UK foreign policy during that era afterwards.) I need to read stuff more often though, I have a history book and a short story collection pending atm ^^;