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Your Friend from the Void. I make things.
This is a mailbox for questions, comments, and so on not "formal" enough for email. Or you can treat it like a guestbook. :]

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Anonymous Critter asked 3 months ago

a good night moon book written in the style of saying goodnight to all the damn smails n rollied pollies under a rock while you slowly lower the rock back down

Anonymous Critter asked 4 months ago

love your art and i hope you will have your art available as patches one day

Thank you! Man I really got to reclaim my silk screens and make that happen huh?

Anonymous Critter asked 5 months ago

Can I get your protect trans youth opossum artwork tattoo'd?

Yes you may! And if you want, you can also tip me here, but by no means a requirement. :]

Anonymous Critter asked 6 months ago

Your art style is one of my favorite ones I've ever seen, it's incredibly aesthetically pleasing, unique in a good way, and you are fantastic with colors. I adore it!

Anonymous Critter asked 7 months ago

more like snail box am I right

Anonymous Critter asked 7 months ago

hello friend, question. if you ever release like a full lore explanation for the world stranger is from, would fan characters be something you'd be against?

Howdy! And I'd take no offense to someone doing such. :D Thank you for asking!

Anonymous Critter asked 7 months ago

Do you have a favorite type of snail? And if so, what kind?

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