mr eliezer bug

fan art requests open 馃憤 ill just ignore anything i dont wanna answer sorry xoxo

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stranger 路 7d

Heyy oomf can you draw fugo and Trish for me please <33

stranger 路 11d


stranger 路 5mo

sorry to go crazy about party park, just thinking about crylenny forever... thinking about like. starting off with crenny, and then kyle getting mixed into their mess somehow. ugh i love the three of them together so much, you don't understand!!! i got distracted thinking about them ANYWAYS REAL QUESTION, are you planning on doing anything with this? comic? writing? or just some drawings... no pressure, just curious! i love your work sm...

never apologize for being silly!!! but its just drawings/designs ^^ anyone is welcome to draw them too LOL i am planning a little south park comic with my friend sil though and i should probably draw and post those designs too sometime soon

stranger 路 5mo

k2.... so real.... i think they are so messy, mostly on kyle's part tbh. i feel like kenny is like, leaning towards commitment issues. until it's kyle. then he's ready to settle down and do anything for him (simp, if you will) and kyle is just too hung up on stan. what do you think would be the turning point for their relationship? what makes kyle move on from stan, and focus on his and kenny's relationship? really persue one to begin with?

i think on some level kyle will eventually realize that he's treating kenny like a second option or a backup plan and sort of just breaks down. hes always positioning himself as a beacon of whats good and to recognize that youre treating someone poorly and for your own gains would be a struggle for him, and then they can have an actual relationship me thinks....

stranger 路 5mo

staring at your pokemon art... i was wondering what your favorite pokemon trainer is, and rival... and gym leader.. and pokemon in general? tell me all the pokemon ken lore, i yearn for knowledge!!!!

this is so challenging....
favorite gym leaders -> volkner, burgh, piers, and katy
favorite champion -> cynthia
favorite rival -> silver OR gladion
favorite trial captain -> kiawe
favorite elite four -> grimsley
favorite antagonist -> guzma, technically?
my fave gens are 4 and 5, and my top pokemon of all time is luxray!!!

stranger 路 5mo

HI PARTY PARK ANON AGAIN BUT OMG!!! crenny and k2.... have you considered a poly? 馃憖 crylenny is so real, i think it'd be soooo sexy /nf

stranger 路 5mo

can we hear your thoughts on k2 pretty please? how do you think they'd get together? who made the first move? who confesses love first?

they are a messy situationship to me!! thats what i love about them. i think kenny makes the first move for them to start hanging out one on one more often and kyle gladly accepts this as a makeshift replacement of stan while stan is having his on/off stendy drama, and kenny confesses first when things start to become more serious with them >:3

stranger 路 5mo

can you possibly maybe please talk about party park a little bit more? 馃憠馃憟 i love your designs for them soooo much, and all the little info about them!!! but i was wondering a bit more... or is there an overarching story? and who is dating/interested in who? thank you ilu!!!!!!!!

hiiii, sure of course!! originally this was going to be a crenny au, but im so conflicted as a k2 truther forever....... so im definitely still up in the air about endgame ships. theres not much of an overarching story at the moment, they go to parties they get rowdy!!!!

stranger 路 8mo

wht鈥檚 ur opinion on staig? (stan x craig) i love ur art btw :)

stranger 路 8mo

What do you like most about cryle?

(sorry i was on vacation!!) but hmmm i think they have a lot of potential in terms of the interpretation and flexibility in their dynamic so it is much easier to put them in silly situations

stranger 路 8mo

wait what鈥檚 the full image for your retrospring that鈥檚 so cute

stranger 路 8mo

Do you read fics? You got any favorites?

im worlds worst reader actually LOL a couple of my friends write fics though!! you should check four's k2 heathers au ( and ghost's cryle insurance fic ( i still havent read either but theyre cool people so i will always promo them hehe!

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