Your sun, Yurei.

Self claimed as the brightest star in her own universe. Aspired to be hot, warm and bright just like the sun. Oops, don't get too close, you could be burned.

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Hamba Allah · 5mo

What is your favourite way to eat a potato?

Kama. · 19 answers · 2mo

Mind to tell me what's your comfort food?

Hamba Allah · 2mo

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

Rafayel. · 8 answers · 2mo

kalo dikasih kesempatan buat spend a day with your comfort character, kalian mau ngapain aja?

Hamba Allah · 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Arsena, D · 9 answers · 2mo

Saran dong, mengatasi mual-mual karena hamil jurnal harus ngapain. #gak_kuat

Biela. · 5 answers · 6mo

I have a crush, but he doesn't seem interested in me, what should I do?

Hamba Allah · 5mo

What is the worst thing about the Internet?

People are too comfortable attacking and harassing other people because they don't need to show their real identity

Jeremy. · 4mo

Dive into your literary world: What’s the one book you could read over and over again? Share your favorite escape with me.

I am a big fan of medias that can torture me, so if I have a book that I always want to reread, it will be No Longer Human

Jeremy. · 9 answers · 4mo

I want to feel good energy coming from everyone. Would you mind sharing with me what successfully brings you joy right now?

A game full of good looking cyborgs named Punishing Gray Raven. They have hot blondies. I love blondies.

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