Chris CM. Martinez asked 2 months ago · 5 Answers
Covid was big enough that the gov kept us locked up, global warming is going to end the wrld. big enough threat? so big that you're not allowed to drive anymore, or u can only drive a certain number of hrs. Once u give gov power u can't take it back😈

Exactly and people never learn. They happily give up their rights even for hoaxes. Tell a scary enough story and they beg the government to take away their rights. The problem-reaction-solution strategy is very effective. "We'll get our rights back." No, we won't! "When this is all over..." This is never going to end! Once the government takes your rights away, they never give them back. Once they increase their power, they never give it up. People need to wake up and learn. People need to stop bending over when the government tells them to.

Answered by ASouza