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Pandy asked 4 days ago · 15 answers

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being not at all, 10 being extremely), how Christmassy are you feeling at the moment?

Heart asked 7 days ago · 9 answers

blue or red pill?

Heart asked 5 days ago · 8 answers

what pokemon do you find to be hot?

None. If you said Digimon, I would say Angewomon.

Arman asked 16 days ago · 12 answers

Elon Musk tweeted that Trump's account will be reinstated. Thoughts?

He's right to reinstate Trump's account. Trump never should have been banned in the first place. However, Elon Musk is showing his true colors and what a fraud he is about free speech by refusing to reinstate Alex Jones who also should have never been banned. People who oppose free speech don't deserve rights. They're enemies of humanity.

Arman asked 18 days ago · 10 answers

[https://twitter.com/mhdiata/status/1592741740687265792] Is there any politician in your country that you like to see end up like Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Romanian dictator?

Yes, all of them(or most of them) and also the alphabet agents, the IRS criminals and the bankers who control the Federal Reserve. They're all criminals.

BidenLadysMan asked 26 days ago · 4 answers

Well the red wave turned into a red drizzle.. democracy is dead. Who wants a drink?😁

Red wave? More like red tears. LOL. As an anarchist/voluntaryist, I hate both corrupt parties which are controlled by the same people and hate all government. Voting is consenting to the system and voting for a master. I don't want a master and refuse to consent and enable it in that way. I refuse to vote for the system and pretend that voting matters and help enable the scam. I hate Democrats who are smugly celebrating and am laughing at Republicans who are crying, seething and coping. "Democrats rigged the election! We'll vote even harder! How dare you not vote in rigged elections?! No! We lost again! How can this be [...]

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Shannon asked 29 days ago · 12 answers

Are you excited for Christmas?

Shannon asked 28 days ago · 12 answers

What's your opinion on stay at home mums?

I support them. Being a mother is the best and most rewarding job a woman can do.

Dingus asked about 1 month ago · 6 answers

Age is not just a number. It's 3 letters actually. 🌚

Age is just a number and it isn't. Age doesn't have to dictate your interests and personality because it's just a number to an extent. However, people get older and die of natural causes because age isn't just a number. It's both but it's fun to say age is just a number to piss off some people.

Pandy asked about 1 month ago · 17 answers

Have you turned your heating on yet?

Pandy asked about 1 month ago · 15 answers

What sort of experience would it take for you to fuck on the first date - meeting someone for the first time?

Shannon asked about 1 month ago · 13 answers

Who was your first kiss?

Pandy asked about 1 month ago · 16 answers

What are your thoughts on daylight savings time? (clocks going back and forward)

I hate it, especially when clocks are set back an hour and it gets dark out earlier.

Retrospring asked about 1 month ago · 15 answers

What do you think of the new Retrospring design changes?

I don't like the new font and I liked it better with our profile and cover photo on the homepage. I'm used to the old way and don't like how the timeline is in the center. I don't know if I prefer the timeline being a little to the side or if I'm just used to it being that way. It feels weird and like something is missing on the homepage now.

BidenLadysMan asked about 1 month ago · 4 answers

The pure, heroic pharmaceutical companies that "saved" our lives with wholesome vaccines. Are ending freebies. Or atleast the government aren't paying for it anymore. So if you're Uninsured u have to pay $40 a shot. If this is still such a dangerous disease. Apocalyptic as the liberals painted it while they muzzled your 5 month old and injected them while they're screaming..🙄covid is still dangerous why can't the drug companies foot the bill? Oh they want to make money! As they always did😆

Big Pharma doesn't care about health and never will. They're in it to make money and there's more money in sick people than healthy people and more money in treating things than curing things. They bribe doctors to prescribe drugs. The left used to hate Big Pharma and other big corporations. Now they worship them. The pharmaceutical companies are publicly-traded, for-profit, infinite growth-needing corporations. They need to always make more and more money which means always making and selling more products and convincing everyone that they need them. That's why the vaccine schedule has gotten insanely big. It's not about [...]

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