I'm boycotting Alice in Wonderland for spite because of its popularity. I like the idea of people being shocked or mad that I don't know the story.

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Pandy asked 11 days ago · 9 answers

If humanities life expectancy was to half (for no reason) what ways would our lifestyles change?

People might try to enjoy life more while they can. People would think more short-term and less long-term in terms of accomplishing things, having fun, their diets, activities that can affect joints and cartilage, etc. People might get married or into committed relationships sooner. People might have to have kids sooner which would be encouraged out of necessity. Dying early and not living a full life/until old age would have a different meaning. Someone might not care if their risky hobby kills them in their 20s or 30s because they only expected to reach their 40s anyway and not their 70s or beyond.

Shannon asked 2 days ago · 10 answers

Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?

Arman asked 2 days ago · 13 answers

[Hot take on women's suffrage I heard on YouTube] "... I think Rights [should] come w/ responsibilities. One of the reasons that men had the right to vote was because they were subject to the draft and they still are ..." Thoughts? Counterarguments?

Rights are inalienable. The draft shouldn't exist. Nobody should vote and government shouldn't exist. #Anarchism #Voluntaryism

Arman asked 2 days ago · 11 answers

[Hot take on why men don't like promiscuous women] "As a women if you get pregnant, you know for a fact that child is yours. But if that women slept with other men, you cannot guarantee paternity. I know in the past 40 years it's possible through DNA tests but that doesn't undo hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and biology." Thoughts? Counterarguments?

It makes sense for that to be a reason, especially before paternity tests existed. The bottom line is that men and women are different and sex is different for men and women. No amount of roastie and white knight crying will change that. Sex is an achievement for men so a higher body count is something for men to brag about. They're also hardwired to spread their seed. Women choose to have sex so having sex isn't an achievement for women. Women are also more hardwired for pair-bonding. Women having high body counts is a turn off because it means they're used goods and have questionable decision-making. Men want females in their prime


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Arman asked 27 days ago · 11 answers

Just read about another mass shooting in the US, this time in Indiana. How do you not get shot in the US? Have you guys had any kind of training to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter attack?

A good guy with a gun stopped the shooter but the media and gun control supporters don't want to give him his due because he challenged/debunked the gun control narrative. The gun control narrative and gun control supporters were BTFO. Elisjsha Dicken is a hero.

Arman asked 29 days ago · 8 answers

[Inspired by https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1547397629260226560] Is catcalling a form of free speech?

Arman asked 29 days ago · 7 answers

[Inspired by https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1547397629260226560] Should catcalling be criminalized?

No, complimenting people isn't a crime. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loved that. She didn't hate that. She was humble bragging about someone thinking she's hot. Just like all speech, catcalling has a spectrum. Innocent/innocuous catcalling isn't a crime. Even if it's vulgar/tasteless, it still doesn't warrant putting someone in a cage. If it becomes extreme to the point where they're following the person and won't leave them alone, then maybe a cop could tell them to stop, fine them or arrest them. Arresting people is a big deal and shouldn't be done lightly.

Arman asked 8 days ago · 11 answers

[Inspired by https://twitter.com/idkred3/status/1552046390477729792] Do you think wearing the traditional clothes associated to a specific culture by someone who is not related to that culture is offensive?

No. People need to stop being offended by everything and stop being offended on behalf of people who aren't offended.

BidenLadysMan asked 10 days ago · 3 answers

Should we have schools teaching kids about sex? I don't have kids but I think I'd want to teach them about that. Of course now we want to teach kids when they're 3 yrs old. Parents today are like: "look I don't have time to teach my kids about sex, I have to go and bash in the skull of a MAGA person ok"🤣😝

I don't know the perfect answer for this. Kids should learn about sex. In theory, parents/guardians getting to decide about their kids' sex education to some degree sounds good but some may choose to not teach about sex at all, some may not be informed enough to teach everything that should be taught and some may teach bad messages about sex because of religion or whatever. In theory, schools teaching about sex sounds like a good thing but schools are government indoctrination centers and you have to worry about them subjecting kids to propaganda. Sex education shouldn't be sex propaganda. There's points to be made about both sides t


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Shannon asked 2 months ago · 13 answers

Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

Facebook groups, Twitter and Gab. I was in Discord groups that got banned. I think I was in a Riot(now Element) group that got banned.

Shannon asked 2 months ago · 14 answers

Did you go to prom?

Shannon asked 2 months ago · 10 answers

Are you a fan of wrestling?

Shannon asked 3 months ago · 11 answers

What's your opinion on female teachers molesting young boys?

Do you think it's the same as male teachers molesting young girl?

Do you think it's worse?

Do you think it's not as bad?

Boys who willingly fuck attractive teachers are lucky and aren't victims. Girls who willingly fuck teachers aren't victims either. Molestation is unwanted sexual contact not any sexual contact. Actual molestation of boys is as wrong as actual molestation of girls. You can't rape the willing. Consensual/wanted sexual contact is not a crime and I don't care who doesn't like that fact. People are brainwashed to think sexuality is evil until it's magically not and don't have the balls or brains to question their sexual indoctrination. I reject the world's wrong definitions of molestation and child sexual abuse. Unlike sexual fascists, I


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Shannon asked 25 days ago · 14 answers

Have you ever been blocked by someone and you don't know why?

Yes. I've been blocked on Facebook and didn't know why and I discovered I was blocked by Heloise on here.

Sultan_Suleyman asked about 2 months ago · 4 answers

Do you think Israel will bomb Germany with nukes one day to avenge the holocaust?