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Anonymous asked 4 months ago

have u considered tagging the aa fan calendar twitter? it’s aafancalendar i think

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hi! Just wondering, but are we allowed to use both the localization names and the original names from the jp translation or is there a preference between the two for the zine? (Eg Rei Membami for eng and Haori Murasame for jp!)

We'd prefer everyone used the localization names for consistency!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Would we be allowed to apply to multiple positions?

You can apply to multiple positions but you will only be accepted into one of them!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hello! Could you define what is considered a full background? I've noticed a lot of zines define it differently so I thought I'd ask just to be sure

Hi! We define a "full background" by a background that is completely rendered with different props and elements in it. Rather than have one element as part of the focus of the background, we would like to see the entire scene.

For example, if your drawing takes place in a cafe, we would like to see other tables and chairs in the background, maybe even the barista somewhere behind the counter!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hello! I have a question about merch artist apps: specifically about the bullet point that says: "Merch artists are expected to design charms, stickers, enamel pins, prints, recipe cards, digital icons, and phone backgrounds," do I need to have all of those things included in my portfolio in order to be considered?

Also for the same bullet point, do I need to have a specific item in my portfolio in order to pitch an idea for it? Ex: can I pitch an idea for a phone bg without having one in my portfolio?

You do not need all of the things listed in your portfolio! Examples of the merch you want to pitch would help but isn't required.

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hello! Will there be any invited guest contributors, or will this be purely application only?

I'm extremely excited for this project, thank you for making it, and good luck with it!

Thank you so much for you enthusiasm, we're glad you like this project as much as we do! We have some guests who will be announced shortly so keep an eye out!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

hello! i was wondering if recipes would be allowed as part of a written piece for the zine (ie. if i wrote about characters eating pastries, could i include a small recipe for a pastry at the end)

We plan on having some recipe cards as merch items, if you would like to contribute a recipe to those that links directly to your piece in the zine that'd be more than welcome!

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hi, I have a couple of questions for the writer application. For the portfolio, is there a space to specify which three samples are the main one's that we're submitting? Or is there some other way we should do that? And finally, how strict is the 1.5k word requirement? Are we allowed to go slightly under or over, or is it just meant to be up to 1.5k words?

Hello, sorry for the lack of clarification! Numbering your top three samples would be great. And as for the 1.5k word count, going a little under or a little over is totally fine.

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Are spoilers from either Great Ace Attorney game allowed in our portfolios/pitches?

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Hi! not a question but I was trying to read the info doc and it looks like its set to restricted access only

Apologies for that, it should be public now!

Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Hey! Your application has a spot for a writing mod app, I’m assuming that’s a mistake?

Apologises, that was a mistake, we already have that role filled and meant to delete the option!

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