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The chief caonima

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Anonymous caonima asked about 8 hours ago

someone in my enhypen groupchat still hates iu for that time she took that photo of her and eunhyuk post nut and hates wonyoung from ive for 'reminding her of iu'. just putting this here so you and caonimas can laugh at it.

Anonymous caonima asked about 7 hours ago

everywhere at the end of time is an experimental album that tries to simulate the experience of having dementia and the progression of the illness

Anonymous caonima asked about 6 hours ago

It is a representation of what Alzheimer/Dementia is like in a musical way, so it makes sense that people may get uncomfortable by it, especially in the later "stages" of the album where everything is fucked. But it is fucking long as hell so you probs dont have time for it, its like 6 hours oppar

Oh wait I remember it now, someone asked me to listen to it ages ago and then I did but since then I just kinda forgot it existed

Anonymous caonima asked about 15 hours ago

Everywhere At The End Of Time is just a collection of boomer songs that gets chopped up and goes shithog. It's just vaporwave with some shit grandma would listen to instead of some shit your mom would listen to. Calm down people it's not even a big deal.

This explanation of what it is actually felt like it decreased my understanding of what it is

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

Ghost released a new album and its quite good

Anonymous caonima asked about 23 hours ago

It's funny bc in any way you cut it, those cunts complaining and bitching about cultural appropriation only want an excuse to jump at the throat of an idol, not at the actual fucking company who probably forced them to do the thing from the start

Yeah that type of concern stops well short of any real action that would incentivise change. People just like to feel powerful by shitting on others... which oddly puts people who complain about CA in the same camp as racists, sexists etc

Anonymous caonima asked about 23 hours ago

K-pop fans love to pretend to be woke and actually care about others cultures, but what they actually want the most is to be racist gatekeepers - you're only allowed to show us a certain culture or else you're a bad person. It all became even clearer with the Lana situation, where they didn't hesitate to shun out a person that went through all the kpop treatment, simply bc they were Russian

I get that we don't like Russia at the moment but I'm pretty sure Lana wasn't the one painting the Zs on all those tanks

Anonymous caonima asked about 23 hours ago

isn't cultural appropriation just... globalization? like, cultures mixing, isn't that supposed to be a good thing? sure, it's not perfect and has a lot to improve, but isn't 'cultural appropriation' just the world becoming a bit less racist by approaching each others cultures? did these guys miss geography class?

Anonymous caonima asked about 23 hours ago

i'm brazilian, guess i'm not allowed to eat anything but black beans, steak and i'm also only allowed to drink beer, bc if i ate or drank anything else that'd be culturally appropriating

Anonymous caonima asked about 19 hours ago

oppar, is it fine to keep art as a side thing that i'm fond of, with no pressure to professionalize it or make it my main job? i think i'm very passionate about it, but i don't want to make it my job and end up killing that passion by trying too hard to improve/make my living rely on it/whatever. there's other stuff that i like (not necessarily very passionate), such as mental health research, that i'd be willing to study for, but there's a lot of pressure to decide on what to do with my life rn

Anonymous caonima asked about 18 hours ago

do you think it's possible to get ptsd symptoms from something you read/watch/listen to? the worst thing that has happened to me is excerpts from Everywhere At The End Of Time becoming popular on tiktok, bc everytime i so much hear this shit i get extreme anxiety. yes i did the thing of listening to the entire album and i felt traumatized for a month... my grandma was going through her own issues with dementia at the time and it was horrifying to think about

I would say that the people who have to moderate social networks and excise all the gore probably have PTSD, so yes

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

Oppar, have you ever thought about releasing the full list of songs that got into top 30/honourable mentions consideration before deleting it? Maybe after both of these are released you could just post it on Twitter or something and see people fight over why x made it and y didn't? Would be cool to see the tik tok kids fighting over it

I definitely won't do this. There is a finite number of places for a reason.

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

sunmis heart burn is actually kind of going against the objectification survey bc now i am scared that if i vote for her ill die like all the men in the mv, but god she looks so good with red hair

you've got a few days left to think about your mortality before i close the survey

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

I think I kind of regret asking you to not say it, but it's for the best

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

Actually don't answer that or else everyone will make the same question everytime you find a song good, I'll just see it by myself when the time comes

At your request I didn't answer this. Don't worry folks you only have to wait 6 months.