I write about Korean pop, and I'm basically an asshole. You probably shouldn't support what I do, but you could go to my website if you really wanted.

Adelaide, Australia
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Anonymous caonima asked about 11 hours ago

i wonder if you go like "fucking hell, gotta do this shit again" everytime you do a positive post, doesnt seem like the type of post youd be very fond of

I mainly just find it funny because k-pop controversies are just silly to me. I mean, what do people expect, really. K-pop is never going to get any better. I also enjoy the mental challenge of finding reasons to stan inappropriate people.

Anonymous caonima asked about 15 hours ago idk if you'll like the song but the lyrics and video completely floored me i've never seen sexuality and intimacy expressed in such a tender and adorable way like this i'm crying

not really into the song and I also had a lot of problems understanding what she was singing, I don't do well with "indie voice" sometimes. i get the idea I guess. I've heard lyrics similar to these before but can't remember where, PJ Harvey perhaps...

Anonymous caonima asked about 22 hours ago

I know a little, but not a lot. This is absolutely a scam. Do not do it. "They don’t put you on hold for long", that's right, they're putting the pressure on so you feel like you have to make a quick decision. I bet every single person who did a Zoom with them that day was in the "top 12". A legit agency will employ you (or not) and work on commissions, not ask for upfront money, that's a huge red flag. High-five your mom for me, she's looking out for you.

Anonymous caonima asked about 18 hours ago

i dont expect twitter stans to watch v nasty mvs even if they are linked because honestly that's a level of psychic damage i wouldn't wish on the uninitiated but i (somehow) do expect them to understand what comparisons and similes are. silly me.

I decided to mostly not engage with the Fatou twitter hate mob. I think anyone sensible who spends more than two seconds looking into it will understand the point.

Anonymous caonima asked about 20 hours ago apparently bbc did not trademark any of the sub unit names nor the actual English name of loona, which is how modhaus got a hold of OEC. idk much about how businesses should be handling their IP, but this seems like something they should’ve done a while back?

Not surprised, it's actually not common for people to trademark their group name unless they are very high level

Anonymous caonima asked about 22 hours ago
two of the girls in this group apparently were writers for moonlight sunrise.
this song turned out a lot better than what twice got!

side note: it’s actually kinda jarring how happy/confident they seem in comparison to most kpop mvs where they just blankly stare at the camera…

Can't say I like this much either, but they look better overall, more relaxed

Anonymous caonima asked about 24 hours ago

don't you think you should just have told so that sub-units are meant to hide the members who are recovering from plastic surgery? seems like something kpop stans should know. what's the point of being like "some readers will know about it" just say it

Roundup is the LEAST important of all the content that I create out of everything that I do, I don't put a great deal of thought into what goes into each review, that's by design. Repeating the same boring facts each and every time they're relevant would make for a very boring roundup.

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago
It's yet another school shooting committed bu a trans individual and of course many states are proposing banning gun ownership for people who are specifcally trans despite the fact that 123 of 124 mass shootings so far this year have been committed by cis men, and they've made gun ownership for them actually easier these days. It's hell over here.

hmm what do americans hate more, gun control or trans people. guess now we find out.

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago
Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

best Swans album?

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago
Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

The best part is that I could legitimately see Red Velvet with a FNAF concept.

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

We can hope that a few years down the line she does an interview with you. She seems like someone you'd have an interesting conversation with.

yeah, i can hope i guess but I'm sure JYP will lock her behind an NDA

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

are there any 5 string basses you’d recommend for around 100USD or less?

australians pay a LOT more than the equivalent in US currency for musical instruments, so I'm not sure what 100USB equates to exactly but it's probably more than a simple currency conversion would indicate. never seen a VERY cheap 5-string I've liked though

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

just testing our progress as a country based on how breaking this news was for you guys

no idea which incident this is about specifically, or even if it's about just one incident or what. news about mass shootings coming out of america is like 3 a week or thereabouts, it just all blends in

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