I write about Korean pop, and I'm basically an asshole. You probably shouldn't support what I do, but you could go to my website if you really wanted.

Adelaide, Australia
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The chief caonima


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Anonymous caonima asked about 15 hours ago
does this count as black music

I'm not accepting any more submissions for black music feature because roundup will finish soon for the year and I already have enough to last until the end

Anonymous caonima asked about 17 hours ago

I was raised on D&D which was very racist to goblins (always "the enemy") so it's good to see that today's youth have a more reconstructed view

Anonymous caonima asked about 19 hours ago

Yeah it's a good question. On one hand you could say that it's a form of coercion due to the way the society is, but on the other hand you don't HAVE to go to college, and if you're out there visiting these sex workers and treating them respectfully then that's a net positive for them and you're directly contributing to their financial stability and future career. They will thank you later. Also relevant:

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

Whore fucker here. I saw this video recently which I think explains the large number of 18-23 year old Japanese sex workers touring here at the moment. Does this make banging little Japanese girls charitable or unethical? My penis is confused now.

The parents are hypocrites, they readily admit that they're FINE about the sex industry until it's their daughter. What bullshit, what failures as parents. And all this concern about "it'll ruin your life", well that's only because of the stigma involved and the judgement people have about sex workers. So the problem is the stigma, not the sex work itself, remove the stigma and many of the downsides of sex work disappear along with it.

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

I’m pleased to tell interested parties that the WayV uncut vid had pictures to go with them. Here are my favorites:

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

do you consider her to be australian? her dad is from there and she lived there as a young child for a bit.

Yes Danielle could be literally any private school educated Australian girl, speech, mannerisms etc all identical

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

Thoughts on people claiming to be non-binary or gender-fluid?

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

mave released something this week so i think it would be fun if you commented about one of the first "virtual idol" kpop ventures on the bonus song section next week, Vocaloid SeeU's "I=Fantasy", produced by the hitman himself.

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

which female idol is most likely to call out korean antifeminist incel fans?

Irene would in an instant if she didn't have the SM mafia to contend with

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

noteworthy info: SeeU was voiced by Kim Dahee! yes, THAT dahee

Anonymous caonima asked 1 day ago

Did you ever change your opinion on something due to caonimas? any examples?

I know that I have but I can't think of any examples right at this moment, caonimas may know

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

cant believe theres a kpop boy vlog thats called uncut... holy shit wayv kinda paved the way with this one

someone should poll the status of the poles and check whether there's truth in advertising

Brand_Support asked 2 days ago

Oppar what does your typical workload look like in your house mortgage poverty era?

get up, work, more work, eat sometime, take a break to calm my brain down enough to write kpopalypse things, write kpopalypse things, try desperately to not spend any money on anything, sleep, repeat

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

If y’all are looking for some sexy man meat, skip ahead to 15:06. (Ten at 18:24)

Anonymous caonima asked 2 days ago

ningning keeping it real

ahahaha it's like the fan interactions in my books, she has caonima vibes

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