slagathor asked 6 months ago · 12 Answers
In your own words (i.e., no cheating or I'll eat your ass), what is DNA? What it looks like, what it does, where it is, etc. (I wanna know what ppl who don't think about it all the time understand it to be; no judgment, just curious)

Isn't it that spiral thing with two strings of beads? The strings are chromosomes? I think the beads were labeled with A, G, P, or T, right? Well you said no cheating so I try to remember what the letters stand for. A for adenin, G for guanin, P for petamin, and T for tiamin? I'm 100% sure the spellings are wrong but that's how [I think] I remember pronouncing them. I'm just guessing, OK?! Please don't mock me!

Also I remember chromosomes of type X and Y that somehow determine your gender?

[I'm gonna watch a YouTube video about DNA! I just realized I don't know anything about it.]