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Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 3 answers

What’s something you used to do in your younger days that just makes you feel like an entirely different person now?

I engage with alcohol differently now after being totally sober from it for two years and having an unhealthy relationship with it before that

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 3 answers

How do you think emotional intelligence stacks up compared to general intelligence? More important? Less important? The same?

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 4 answers

What are some or were some of your favorite throwback social media websites or apps? Think eBay, Musically, 2014 Tumblr etc

AIM was cool, but I guess discord has replaced it. Doesn't have the same charm tho. All that customizable text

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 4 answers

Potential TW:// what’s a stereotype you’ve dealt with throughout your life, that has undoubtably held you back at times?

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 3 answers

Even though boundaries should obviously exist, don’t you think on the flip side it’s also weird how quick people are to sexualize family members? Like, for example when people poke fun at Tom Brady for kissing his children on the lips, or when kids smack their moms butt… to me, it’s not sexual 🤷‍♂️ and those people would be shocked to learn that in many cultures it’s normal for family to shower together

I didn't know that about families showering together, but yeah sometimes it's not that deep

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 4 answers

What’s the funniest, weirdest, or grossest thing you have ever seen in a public bathroom?

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 2 answers

I think there’s a house in my neighborhood that decorates for 3 holidays at a time because I literally saw Christmas colors, Chinese New Years colors, and Valentines Day colors in their yard… thoughts?

I think it's cute when people dress their houses up like that. My family never did more than basic xmas lights and a wreath on the door so I enjoy the vibrancy of an elaborate decorating job

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 4 answers

In your opinion, what has been the more positive and negative results of the “Woke” era?

Plus: People asking for shit that's way overdue. It brings to light marginalization that's historically been ignored/perpetuated by people in power/people at the intersection of a lot of privilege.

Minus: The constant discourse makes my head swim, because sometimes it's about a battle that doesn't really need to be fought. Struggle olympics

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 2 answers

What’s the most thoughtful thing that somebody has ever made for you by hand? My GF once painted me my favorite scene from the first movie we ever watched together 🥺

One of my exes painted a sand dollar they picked up from one of our beach trips and gifted it to me for a bday or anniversary, idr

LaDamaX asked about 6 hours ago · 4 answers

Pear necklaces on men. Yay or nay?

I've seen them look great on men who r confident/comfortable about accessorizing

Aaron asked 2 days ago · 3 answers

What’s one hobby you just don’t understand? Btw the answer is rock climbing and sky diving FUCK those

I couldn't think of an answer until I saw yeet's answer and along that same grain i thought of those super HUGE meal mukbangers. I like to indulge but mukbangers do a little too much sometimes

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 8 answers

Do australians see the moon upside down?

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 12 answers

What does an electron look like in your imagination?

Arthur asked 1 day ago · 15 answers

If I asked you to go to a nightclub with me, would you?

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 7 answers

What are common logical fallacies that you encounter in discussions with others?

Sunken cost fallacy. There's a lot of ppl in my life unhappy with where they are but they're too afraid to make a change just because they've already put so much time into it

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