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Merida asked 3 days ago · 8 answers

Did you know about the colorpoint cats?

Arthur asked 6 days ago · 8 answers

Why is jumping windows (safely) so fun?

Arthur asked 6 days ago · 7 answers

So science has invented language models capable of producing coherent text, but do you think "emotional models", capable of expressing emotions, will become a reality in the future?

I dunno man... let me see it respond to getting cut off in traffic on the way home from AI work. And then when it comes home its cat threw up on the carpet so it has to clean that up. And then it gets called back to work. And then it's AI grandmother died. Can it realistically express such a buildup of emotions the way a person would?

Merida asked 10 days ago · 14 answers

Since you first become a retrospringer, how much have you and your life changed? Please, catch me up.

I joined in 2019. I quit grad school, moved states, got a 2nd bachelor's, switched careers, came out for the 2nd time in my life, got top surgery (yeetus the teatus), started HRT (got a hairier ass)

Merida asked 10 days ago · 11 answers

When do your differences from other people become more evident?

Merida asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

Do you think people in RS have an accurate idea about who are you and what your thoughts are about the different topics we usually ask about?

Arthur asked 8 days ago · 9 answers

Personal peculiarity question: I've noticed that, when I go out, I feel more comfortable if I'm wearing or otherwise touching my backpack. I'd rather not go somewhere if I can't bring it. Do you experience something similar?

Daniel asked 7 days ago · 14 answers

Is retrospring the realest social media?

I think it's more real than mainstream social media, but I still think people here try to do what most people generally do well, which is to make themselves look good. I, for example, have a really huge schlong

Arthur asked 6 days ago · 10 answers

Have you ever been a teacher's pet?

Yes, and my hypothesis is that it's due to my mommy/daddy/general parental issues. My parents didn't really recognize my accomplishments and smarts, but my teachers did

Merida asked 5 days ago · 14 answers

It's not that I don't trust you, but ______.

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 9 answers

What song recently made the cut to be added to your playlist?

Arman asked 11 days ago · 9 answers

Suppose you're a grasshopper. What do you do to win a fight against a human?

Be so horrifically ugly and disgusting that they wont wanna touch me

LaDamaX asked 16 days ago · 10 answers

Tell me about the ideal flavor profile for a cake/dessert.

Ask any viet person and the answer will be "not too sweet"

LaDamaX asked 17 days ago · 14 answers

What makes a partner good in bed? (Wrong answers only)

Merida asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

Could you be in a relationship with someone whose political ideals are completely opposite to yours?

No because people who have political ideals opposite of mine usually think people like me shouldn't exist

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