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A Curious Flamingo asked 2 days ago

Hello!! I'm currently using your retheme code [which is awesome, by the way!], but I cannot figure out how to change the colours of the box containing the character's name/OC creation date/Creator/Favourites!! Also applies to the "recent images" box and some other things, but I think fixing one of those might fix the other things! Dunno if I'm just being silly and I'm missing something/need to change something small, or if I messed something up somewhere... Thanks in advance <:)

I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to here, but I'm going to guess you mean a freebie css that recolors/rethemes the site? I know some of those exist, but I don't offer that personally. You'd need to check with the person who made it.

If you mean one of my freebies (simple, soft, clean demo, page demo) those are light/dark mode only so there is no setting for customizing colors beyond that.

A Curious Flamingo asked 3 days ago

Hello. Where could I communicate with you in private?

You can PM me, the purpose of the ask box is for general questions where answering them publicly could be beneficial to other users who may have the same questions (and for people who have anxiety sending PMs).

A Curious Flamingo asked 8 days ago

On your Sideblock CSS, is it possible to make the gallery & fave number visible? Or is it something only you could do in the raw CSS? If this is counted as HTML/CSS question you don't need to answer this, I just wanted to know if it's possible for me to edit them in the first place or if it's out of my hands.

you need to write custom css to turn these back on! (if you do try to do this, be sure to put the custom css below the import link)

pax asked 10 days ago

Hello! I just bought the Bargain Bin a few moments ago and realised the "Retired Freebies" folder is empty, but still appears in the Directory_Descriptions.txt file. Should I try redownloading the zip file?

I checked and apparently this directory got wiped somehow ' _ '; IDK how that happened but I have salvaged what I could and re-uploaded the files, if you redownload the bargain bin now you should see content in that folder!

A Curious Flamingo asked 10 days ago

Question!! Do you happen to have the code the changes the background image of the characters profiles? It's not CCS, its a code that can change the background of your folders,characters,bulletins, etc. I cant find it :']

im honestly not sure what you’re asking for exactly here but any type of general resource code i offer is in my freebie section at the bottom, under the resource section. for generic coding questions like this you’re better off asking in the forums or the coding help server!

A Curious Flamingo asked 11 days ago

are people still allowed to use ur codes if you delete them? i use the darkly CSS but im unsure if i need to change it or not

yeah, you can still use retired codes! i just don’t offer them anymore but if you still like it feel free to keep using it

A Curious Flamingo asked 10 days ago

Hello! Do you still offer the code for this? Been looking for a good masterlist code, and this is the one I like best.

A Curious Flamingo asked 13 days ago

Hello!! I was curious about how you change fonts on css for I've seen quite a few of my mutuals have done it but i'd rather ask someone who has more experience with it!! Also your css cheat sheets are a lifesaver for folders n such!! love your work <3

To change fonts you need a premium membership, you can then import google fonts and use those! (If you need more details than this then try asking in the forums or in the coding discord sever, my ask box is not for detailed coding instructions)

A Curious Flamingo asked 13 days ago

Hello! So sorry I’m advance to be a bother, especially if this question has been asked and/or answered already.. I tried looking through all your codes but couldn’t find the one used here and was just curious if it was an old or discontinued code? Or if I’m just blind 😭 or if it’s a combined/edited code. Sorry again to be annoying, it’s just been driving me crazy because I’m obsessed with the layout.

that code is in my bargain bin, it doesn’t have a live preview up but it’s one of the extras you get when purchased. it’s called “Mood”

A Curious Flamingo asked 18 days ago

Do you have any tips for beginner coders? Just curious how you learned all the cool coding and stuff,if you also happened to have code snippets maybe? >< sorry if disturbing just programming and coding is my future dream job/current hobby and also have a great day<3

I first learned HTML from the neoepts coding tutorial way back in the day (like neopets had an HTML tutorial on site for making petpages haha) and learned everything else from google/reading online tutorials. Now a days there a million more resources out there so you dont really need to use ol' neopets, find literally any tutorial that speaks to you or watch youtube tutorials. I cant recommend a specific one cuz everyone learns different, you'll need to find one that you like.

If I had any general advice, it'd be...

  • code your own layouts. When I first started making templates, I was basically the only person. Every code I have m

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A Curious Flamingo asked 25 days ago

Hello Pinky! I saw that you added one extra character profile to your Tug bundle called Margin [ ]. I bought the Tug bundle before the addition so, is there a way for me to get just the new character profile? Or would I have to buy it again >

Also, thank you for answering my previous question in regards to the Fresh profile! I didn't know how to reply to your response >w<

Sorry I missed this question... but you do not have to buy it again, if you purchased on itchio then just go to our purchase history and redownload the character zip, the updated files are in there. If you purchased on gumroad you'll need to PM me for an itchio transfer !

A Curious Flamingo asked 26 days ago

hi pinky!! what is your pronouns? i like to talk abt your codes w my friends, bc i really love your codes, but i never know how to refer abt you

ty in advance for answer!

i use she/her ! i don’t mind they/them if someone is unsure/forgets or anything.

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

hii I tried to use this code and put dark mode, Idk if it's because I used it on a character instead of a world, but the sidebar remains white like the light mode, and the font becomes white too so I can't read anything :0 is there any way to change the color of the sidebar or font?

this css is intended for worlds, please do not use it anywhere else. in general if CSS is not working correctly it's usually either...

  1. using it in a place where it is not intended, i code most my css to break when used incorrectly

  2. not installing it correctly (either not copying all the CSS, or not setting switches correctly)

  3. combining with other CSS; if you paste two css imports together they will conflict and break

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

quick question as i havent been on TH for a long while: do you have some kind of archive of your old codes or have updated them since then? i was hoping to find your old Pokemon character code just to have an untampered version but i guess its been gone for a while

i saw you asked on my FAQ and answered there, but gonna re-paste it there too just in case anyone else comes around with the same question: i do have some old css, but most HTML was lost a long while back when i was moving between computers. i don't have any of my pokemon codes anymore, sorry!

A Curious Flamingo asked about 1 month ago

Hi, is there a way to purchase the CSS, $6 version of Overview? Sorry, I see it's retired, but the only link on the code preview is to your closed gumroad shop & on your ko-fi the 'Overview' layout is an HTML-only version, not the CSS layout. This is the one, for reference:

the old premium overview code preview shouldn’t even be up, i must have made a mistake with its listing & i shall fix that tonight. I no longer sell that and will not re-list it. I have several bundles with “overview” HTML - Flatly, Widescren, Tug, Cute, Tidy and Split all have variations of it. I would recommend one of those if you want a premium version of Overview !